‘Sorpresine’. An appetizer recipe by Chef Carla Schember

Imagine the classic girl next door and color her uplifting and romantic Neapolitan shades and here she is Carla Schember. She gives smiles and kind words to all people. Although she is a stylist she did not pursue this career. She felt more inclined to literary subjects. So she enrolled in the Faculty of Modern Literature in Napoli, but after a couple of her exams he realized that this too was not the right path for her. She loves learning new things and that is why she has done many internships, she has got different work experiences while continuing to study. Today Carla works as a chef in a deli. Meanwhile, she continues to cultivate her passion for literature. She is very fond of reading and is a passionate Dante Alighieri fan. She loves old tales, traditions, anecdotes. You will find out this by watching the video and listening to her emphatic descriptions of Neapolitan odors and flavors.Literature, and her dear actor uncle, who unfortunately has recently passed away, have helped to bring her closer to the theater and today she is studying acting at the school of the Teatro Toto ‘in Napoli. Without fiction, in total spontaneity, Chef Carla has chosen to present ‘Sorpresine’ a recipe that is a variant of the Neapolitan crocche ‘. The variant consists in replacing the breadcrumbs with smashed potato chips and adding a bocconcino of mozzarella. Watch the video and enjoy Carla Schember’s preparation and tips about ‘Sorpresine’.