About Napulitanamente

Napulitanamente is a magazine that offers free content on the Neapolitan heritage which, for historical and geographical reasons, extends its interests to the entire Mediterranean area, from Naples to Tehran and beyond!

It is an independent, biannual publication, founded in 2020 published by Low Pulse Project.
Our aim is to spread the culture and the truth by helping people to know our culture better by eliminating any misunderstanding spread all over the world.
At Napulitanamente we want to make sure we keep the heritage, history and culture of Naples and the whole Mediterranean area alive, while also making it easy for everyone to learn even more about these beautiful and fascinating cultures.

Inside Napulitanamente.com you can find a wide range of articles, always updated, ranging from the history of the Mediterranean, language, art, photography, theatre, cinema, music, philosophy, poetry, but also sports, lifestyle and business. We also present audio and video interviews always keeping a very objective approach.
We also share interviews and letters with immigrants from all over the world.

What makes Napulitanamente unique is the fact that the contents on the website are free for everyone. The publication offers a detailed, yet unbiased insight into the country and what it has to offer.

Napulitanamente was established by Ingrid Pagliarulo, a Neapolitan that’s living in Los Angeles. After having worked, for many years, for the Italian community and having ascertained the disinformation that was spreading about the history of Southern Italy and our culture (falsehoods often supported by the Italians themselves), she decided to devote herself entirely to spreading of the real facts and history.

Furthermore, given her long experience as a talent scout in entertainment industry, through this initiative, alongside interviews with celebrities, she combines articles and interviews with upcoming artists, promoting them for free. In the same way you do with valid ideas and innovative projects from the local area.
She wants to make sure that Neapolitan culture, and Southern Italy in general, is never forgotten and that people have direct access to it.
Thanks to Low Pulse Project she was able to start this challenge.

Napulitanamente magazine edition n.5 (October 1st 2022)


We believe that the Napoli and the whole Southern Italy is one of the most beautiful, serene places in the world, and we aim to help people discover this area, while also informing them about its culture and history. We strive to keep the spirit of this place alive, while inspiring everyone to at least give it a try.


Everything from the art to history and tradition of Napoli as well as of Southern Italy  and the entire Mediterranean area needs to be preserved, and we are on a mission to help with that. In addition, we want to keep people from all over the world connected to this incredible mix of cultures.


Napulitanamente is a publication focused on professionalism, transparency, unity and respect. We value our Neapolitan roots and we are committed to offering unbiased, high quality content that helps cement the legacy of all Neapolitans, while also inspiring everyone else to visit and respect this fantastic world!

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