From Chicago to Sorrento, crooner Paul Marinaro arrives

After the success of the premiere at the Buffalo International Film Festival, in New York State, “You will be my music”, the musical film directed by Bob Williams, starring the crooner of Chicago Paul Marinaro. The Mayor of Sorrento, Massimo Coppola: “let’s catalyze the attention of the Italian and Southern image in the world”

Chicago, October 17th, 2023 – One of the most beautiful voices of Chicago and America arrives in Sorrento. This is Paul Marinaro, a crooner with distant Italian roots, protagonist of the film directed by Bob Williams: “You will be my music”, welcomed with enthusiasm a few weeks ago at the Buffalo International Film Festival, in the state of New York.

A formidable, bold and evocative singer…Marinaro has evolved into one of the most accomplished and promising jazz-swing singers in the country…one of the finest vocal instruments in the business today,” expressed Howard Reich, from the pages of Chicago Tribune, talking about Marinaro.

The artist participated in the most important celebrations in Chicago, in the splendid Auditorium Theatre, of Cole Porte, Ella Fritzgerald and Lena Horne.

Pillar of the American music scene, Marinaro will bring the vibrations of jazz and swing to the stage of the Armida Theater in Sorrento, with a casual and imaginative phrasing, which will reaffirm the international vocation of the event promoted by the municipal administration of Sorrento led by Massimo Coppola who highlights how the event intercepts “the opportunity to catalyze attention on the image of our nation and the South throughout the world”.

The appointment with cinema, music and international entertainment is on October 28th in Sorrento (starting at 7.30pm, with free entry). Sorrento calls, Chicago answers.