The sciantose are coming back!

The SCIANTOSE, the GUAPPI, the GAGA’ and the MUSICI return to the Cafè Chantant, the show written and directed by Davide Brandi which revives a piece of Neapolitan tradition and history between the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century.
Hilarious scenes, music, songs, traditional clothes from the well-known Sartoria Teatrale Canzanella.
With Francesca Curti Giardina (Briggeda ‘a sciantosa), Dario Carandente (Bebè, ‘o guappo), Davide Brandi (Dadà ‘o gagà), Cinzia Fragasso (‘a mastressa), Adolfo Tronco (mandulino), Giovanni Leonetti (guitar).

TRAM Theater (via Port’Alba, 30 – Naples), double show:

FRIDAY November 10th,  2023, 8.30 pm
SATURDAY  November 11th,  2023, 8.30 pm.

The Return of Sciantose

Single seat €15
Information and reservations:
Phone.: +39 331 892 3006