“You are my Song” exciting new single from Amish is out!

Two months after There’s no magic (There is no magic) “You are my song”, the new Amish single, has been released.

Catania, Sicily, September 20th, 2023

After a long silence lasting three decades, the Catania band Amish is back with a series of surprises that are driving fans crazy. On September 14th, their second single, titled You are my Song, was officially launched.

This extraordinary song follows the recent success of Non c’è magia , the first single of the group which marked their return and was welcomed with enthusiasm by fans and critics, reaching, between July and August, the top positions in the independent music rankings among emerging artists.

The audience demonstrated that they have not forgotten the magic of the Amish and their ability to touch the strings of the soul.

The Amish, namely Salvo Longo, Giovanni Giuffrida and Emanuele Bella, protagonists of the Catania music scene of the 90s, have announced an ambitious musical project which includes the release of a new album of unreleased songs.

This reunion was a pleasant surprise for longtime fans and all those who love quality music.

A love song

You are my Song is a song written and composed by Giovanni Giuffrida, founder of the group in the early nineties and architect of this reunion after 30 years. It is a song that tells a beautiful love story, which then ends and which the author remembers and relives with emotion through the vision of an old photo.

Singing the song, in addition to Salvo Longo, the band’s historic voice, are also the drummer Emanuele Bella and Giovanni Giuffrida himself.

To embellish You are my Song, in some parts the splendid voice of Donata Brischetto stands out, the artist who enchanted Italy last year with her participation in The Voice Senior, reaching the final in Loredana Bertè’s team .

Some scenes of the video clip of the new single were filmed in Sicily, precisely in the “Chiazzette” of Acireale, in the province of Catania, where the group was born in the early nineties.

"You are my Song" is the exciting new single from Amish

The reunion project

But the Amish don’t stop there. In conjunction with the launch of the new single, the band has announced the imminent release of a new album of unreleased songs, which promises to be a work of musical art that transcends time. This album marks an exciting chapter in their career, offering fans new songs imbued with depth and meaning.

But there’s more. The Amish are also working on a documentary film that will reveal the behind-the-scenes story of their career, the challenges they faced and their incredible musical journey that brought them to this point. It will be a unique opportunity for fans to immerse themselves in the history and soul of the Amish.

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