Welcome to Napulitanamente magazine issue number 6

We are excited to announce the release of Napulitanamente issue n.6.

Before introducing the publication we thank those who appreciate and support this editorial project and without whom we would not have been able to achieve the results obtained. In just under three years, thanks to them, we have achieved good results with a high number of readers all over the world, a fair number of followers on social media and arousing great interest. All this standing without losing our cultural identity and free from any belongings and associations.

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And so the new edition comes with a cover featurig a photo by Salar Charmi, a new look with 66 pages, compared to the old 60, and a new logo created by Officina Mirabilis, the ethical communication and advertising agency that from the foot of Vesuvius operates throughout Italy and beyond, and whose staff also helped us with the cover’style.

In addition to other differences in the visual and textual setting, this issue presents ‘A Cartulina ‘e Napule, a prize contest in which everyone of any nationality of any age can participate, and it is free. A novelty of the publication is also the leitmotif of the magazine which, in this issue, focuses on human rights. Starting from stories of successful artists, whose the origins are from countries where there is, or there was, dictatorship or war, will go through rock music and opera; photography and poetry; theatre and cinema; painting and philosophy.

We explore the theme of human rights with the Iranian poet and songwriter Shahin Najafi, sentenced to death for his truthful poetry who reveals what his life in exile really is like. What it means to always be in danger, while trying to continue producing art and fighting for rights. The actress and theater director Elisabetta Mercadante stages classical theater pieces that address this theme. A few weeks ago the tragedy Antigone by Sophocles was presented at the Cancello di Arnone in Caserta. The precious contribution of the author and poet Floriana Coppola enriches these pages with earthly thoughts and sanguine poetry on the condition of women. A smile is given to us by the actor, director and politician Nicola Acunzo, from southern Italy, who tells us about his career as an actor, the projects that he manages to take care of at the same time as his commitments in politics.

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