Welcome at the sponsors’ spot for the upcoming issue.

Napulitanamente magazine n. 6 will be released on Monday, April 3rd, 2023.

Thanks to those who support this editorial project and who help us to save and spread our cultural heritage.

Low Pulse Project – North Hollywood, CA.

Mario Pagliarulo – Rome, IT.

Parvafolium – Los Angeles, CA.

 Gracon Productions – Los Angeles, CA.

PA Rehearsal Studios – Reseda, CA.

Be Fit With Erika – Los Angeles, CA.

Officina Mirabilis – Naples, IT.

Gioia Luisa – Naples, IT.

Cenatiempo  – Ischia, IT.

ArteTeca – Naples, IT.

Tambor – Salerno, IT.

CRT-Design – Stuttgard, GE.