Turin like Bibbiano? Actually the situation is much worse.

It is urgent and important to focus on the points outlined below. The cancellation and modification of behavior are the obsession of a business that nowadays operates through different channels and risks being successful where there is no information and attention.
Once upon a time children in asylums were given prefrontal lobotomy, an obrobriosa thing. Today is the reset, which is equally gloomy. Dr. Vincenza Palmieri invites parents to fill the squares, not the courtrooms.


English translation for original press release.

The highest number of asylums (mental hospital) for children is in Piedmont.
Is Turin much worse than Bibbiano?

Maybe yes. Because it was in Turin that all started.

What began in the Turin area then spread throughout Italy, including Bibbiano?
What happened there? Turin has seen the proliferation of entities that have exported a formation steeped in hatred of the family.

At the heart of all this, a political philosophy that aimed at the death of the family and the end of the family, as a revolutionary movement of profound social change.

We can understand why the “traditional family” had to die, when this represented the master father and embodied what was an authoritarian system, so that the intellectual generations of forty years ago can be found in this logic in which the total institutions, a starting with the family, should be subverted.

If we add to this some characters, bearers themselves of abuse in the family, or other figures who strongly wanted to support some “scientific theories” never tested, the result is precisely this training made up of machines, funerals for dead parents, children that they had to forget the family of origin and no longer have contact with it: because “the children are not parents but belong to the State”.

Turin was the front from which all this started. And, together with Forteto in Tuscany, they have given us ample proof of this.

What is the difference between Turin and Bibbiano?

The difference is that in Bibbiano there was a prosecutor who investigated, who picked up the cry or simply the requests, documents, requests for justice of the parents. A PM who made it clear.
Piedmont much worse?

Yes, because in Piedmont there are 51 psychiatric communities for minors, that is asylums for children, more than in any other region of Italy. And this certainly makes the difference, because it tells us how large the health and psychiatric incidence is, how serious is the containment of minors in Piedmont.

Recently, as we know, a psychiatric community for children was closed in Piedmont, and we can only think that all asylums for children should be closed.
Turin like Bibbiano? No, worse, much worse.
I heard about reset for the first time in Piedmont.

A local worker told a father: “Don’t worry, let’s take the child to the community. Just do a bit of reset, let’s reset the situation a bit. ”
Analyzing a bit the various stories that have passed before our eyes, I found that the reset is the common practice: to change the point of view and reprogram the children through deprivation. A child who is deprived of everything, who is alone, who lives in a context of equals where the logic is that of the total institution, in which he has to struggle to survive, whereas in deprivation, in the lack of total stimuli, the child at the end he also desires and accepts situations that he initially rejected.

But this is not removing the child from a hypothetical alienation, this is reprogramming the children according to the wishes of the psychiatric chain.

The reset is a very serious phenomenon because it affects emotions, love, the psyche, any element that concerns that child. And it is a practice similar to surgery. Once there was a prefrontal lobotomy, now there is a reset.

And this alone would be enough to launch a great battle, because no professional should ever be able to accept the idea that children are reset in Piedmont and obviously also in other areas of Italy.

But there it was right where, shamelessly, an operator talked about it to a father.
How can we be silent in the face of all this? Children taken in front of the school or in the school, even before the end of the CTUs that declare non-existent states of danger.

And how can the use of public force to take away a child be tolerated?
Turin like Bibbiano? Yes, there is one thing about which they are similar: the same collusion, the same interests, the same psychiatric chain, the same training that has been running around among operators for forty years.

Because it is functional, because that type of approach, that type of logic is functional to interests which are political, which are economic. And in this there is nothing different, neither in Bibbiano, nor in Turin, nor in Massa Carrara, nor in any other city.

What we can do – if it were really possible and we were not already at the peak of human resistance – is to work a little more today to save one, even just one. And it is necessary that people and families unite and, in turn, begin to highlight the distortions, injustices, irregularities, illegalities.

It is necessary and vital to go from being judged to being judgmental.
And fill the squares, not the courtrooms!