Toward the Future – Testimony of a teacher and her student’s questions.

Neapolitan teenagers are certainly not all like those you have watched on “Gomorrah” the Italian serie. Indeed, most of the teenagers are students and during this period they are facing great difficulties caused by the incompetence of institutions, caused by those who should have protected them. Fortunately, there are teachers who adapt to every situation and they are able in every way and by any means to guide their students to the end of the school year.

During the lockdown Ms. Fabiana Arnaudo, a literary teacher for 16 years, told us how they are having class, according to security measures, at the classic/scientific high school “Renato Descartes” in Villaricca (Napoli), the school where she currently teaches.

The classical scientific high school “Renato Descartes” has adopted all the measures of protection and prevention, according to the standards established by the DPCM (Decree of the President of the Council of Ministers) of the government. The lessons are held, from the beginning of the school, in integrated teaching mode, according to a blended modality: in presence and at a distance.

Regarding the condition of teachers in this period, Ms. Arnaudo tells us that all teachers during this pandemic are doing a stoic job, being forced to modernize the way of teaching in a sudden and fast way.

Furthermore the resilience of the school is manifesting itself in many areas. In fact, many teachers are in difficulty, because they have to deal with a virtual didactic environment. Meanwhile, support groups are activated in the individual colleges: a digital team that meets the needs of individuals.Regarding the students, she describes them as smart teenagers and very interested in participating in new teaching experiences. They come from structured families who have given them a rigorous education and this condition, says Ms. Arnaudo, means that the users of the school where she teaches do not experience real problems of violence and bullying. Ms. Arnaudo shares that this situation is common to most of the schools in the Napoli area.

She has a peaceful and mutual trust relationship with her students. She sets herself to her students as an example, and she is careful not to disappoint them. Following the hope that the students will take this particular historical moment as an important moment of ethical and moral formation, she suggests them to never give up on their dreams.

From a chat during class between teacher and students, a series of questions have arisen about the future, about work, about philosophy, about technology. Some of these questions also meet the questions of adults today confused and disheartened.

Philosopher Luca Pantaleone answers some of these questions.(read here)