Tombola Vajassa is back!

Also this year the light-heartedness of the funniest “tombola” (bingo) of Neapolitan girls: “la Tombola Vajassa” returns.
It is a real mass phenomenon, mentioned in books and recommended in tourist guides. This is the spectacularization of the game of tombola as it is played in the “low” neighborhoods of the most popular (and therefore more colorful) of Napoli exclusively by “femminielli”(gayish men) and women (although men can also participate in Tombola Vajassa).
The femmenello extracts the numbers from the panaro proclaiming their meaning aloud according to the Neapolitan grimace. And herein lies the fun: as the numbers come up, he combines them creating a story that is formed from the randomness of the draw and his imagination!
The language used is the most imaginative and colorful you can imagine, without any hair on the tongue and obviously without limits to the imagination but above all to the vulgarity …. It’s the tombola of the femminielli! Obviously in the case of the Tombola Vajassa the double meanings and the continuous sexual allusions remain but the femminiello manages to do so without ever falling into the vernacular by expressing himself in a Neapolitan dialect that is understandable to everyone, even by foreigners! Neapolitans and tourists choose Insolitaguida’s tombola vajassa for this very reason: healthy fun combined with cheerful company and impeccable organization.
Many dates of the raffle raffle at the Teatro Lazzari Felici (historic center of Napoli): Friday December 9th – Thursday 22nd – Friday 23rd – Sunday 25th up to the 29th and to follow, in order to prolong the Christmas atmosphere for as long as possible, on January 1st – 5th – 6th – 7th – 14th -21th 2023 .
Each show will reserve unique surprises as much depends on the audience in the hall and above all on the numbers that will be drawn from the crackling femminiello! There are no cash prizes, just lots of laughs and peppery prizes.
Location of the event the characteristic Teatro dei Lazzari Felici, in Vico Santa Maria dell’Aiuto 17 in the historic center and adapted to the anti-covid legislation in force.
Since this is a dinner show with a limited number, reservations are required through the institutional website of the event or by calling/whatsapping +39 350 012 1224

Happy Lazzari Theater
Vico Santa Maria dell’Aiuto 17
80134 Napoli
Tel 350 012 12 24
Facebook Teatro Lazzari

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