The return of Careca to Napoli

The former soccer player awarded at the 18th edition of Premio Malafemmena.

Last September 13th, the Premio Malafemmena (Malafemmena Prize), dedicated to the prince of laughter Antonio de Curtis and organized by B&G Art Event Communication s.r.l., came of age. Conceived by the journalist Barbara Carere and her husband, former soccer player Giuseppe Della Corte, it is the only official initiative dedicated to  Antonio de Curtis, aka Totò, and recognized by the de Curtis family, first by Liliana, after her death, from her daughter Elena. Finally this year the Premio Malafemmena has obtained the patronage of the Municipality of Napoli. Therefore it was a day of double celebration. Former soccer player Antonio Careca returned to Napoli as a testimonial of the event and also to collect the prize that was awarded to him. Excited by the occasion and happy to see the Neapolitans dear to him, he wanted to read the number 18 (of the eighteenth edition) as 1 + 8 = 9: his T-shirt number. He sang ‘O Surdato’Nnammurato at the top of his voice along with the other guests who were attending the event. The godmother of the event was the actress Sara Ricci. Rajae Bezzaz and Michele Chianese together with Barbara Carere hosted the event. During the evening it has been talked about the old Napoli soccer team, the one that won two championships and that was magical because, as Careca pointed out, Ferlaino was the best president. It was like this, as Careca said, because Ferlaino was good at buying Diego Armando Maradona and then buying him. There were other good memories about the old Napoli soccer team at the time when, despite injuries, he played 22 games in the league helping to bring the second “scudetto” back to Napoli; and perhaps some regrets, that of having left Napoli to go to Japan. This was not because he loved the Neapolitans but, as he said, because he himself is Neapolitan.

Barbara Carere &Antonio Careca Premio Malafemmena 2022
Photo©B&G Art Event Communication

At the Jemming Idro Panoramic Exclusive Club in Napoli, where the event was held, were also awarded the songwriters Erminio Sinni, Gianni Fiorellino and Povia, the actors Giovanni Esposito, Susy del Giudice and Mario Autore. There was the participation of many personalities including the former soccer players Gianni Improta, Emanuele Calaiò and the entrepreneurs Pino Bozza, Salvatore Varriale, Corrado Ferlaino and Antonio Luise who received the award for his father, Salvatore Luise. The beoved Salvatore Luise passed away a few years ago. He was a great friend and supporter of Maradona as well as of the old Napoli Soccer Team.

Antonio Luise Corrado Ferlaino Antonio Careca
Photo©Luise Immobiliare

Antonio Luise, artistic director of this edition, brought Careca to Napoli. Togrther with Barbara Carere, creator and founder of the Premio Malafemmena, he told us about some moments of this beautiful celebration that cares about Napoli as a city and about its soccer team.

He experienced strong emotions for the words that were said in honor of his father. He was grateful for the award and for a video, dedicated to his mother, that was projected during the evening . Last year Antonio was awarded together with Hugo Maradona for the museum project dedicated to Diego Armando Maradona which we told about in our third edition (October 1st 2021) and regarding which there are some news. Everything is ready for the start of the FIFA World Cup 2022, in Qatar, where this majestic project will debut. It is an itinerant project, far from a simple exposition, that will keep the Argentine champion alive and that will make him travel the world. Meanwhile there is also talk of a permanent museum in Napoli. We all hope that it will be realized soon.

Maradona museum
Photo©Luise Immobiliare

Antonio’s father was a close friend of Diego who, on every occasion, took the opportunity to give him a souvenir. The memorabilia are more than 450. Most of them will be shown at the exhibition. It’s not just about the champion’s t-shirts and shoes there it is much more! It is a journey through Maradona’s life as a man and as a soccer player and the story of a great friendship, the one between the champion and the Neapolitan entrepreneur, Salvatore Luise, Antonio’s father.

Discover the news e watch the video of Diego Armando Maradona museum.

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