The cantor of Naples.History and stories by Libero Bovio. Wednesday July 5th 7PM

Il Cantore di Napoli . Storia e Storie di Libero Bovio (The storyteller of Napoli. History and Stories by Libero Bovio)
A project by Marilena Gagliotti with the collaboration of Gennaro Monforte.
Musical direction Giovanni Leonetti

If we were to scientifically research the origins of Neapolitan poetry and music, one could certainly say that their birth takes place thanks to the sun! The whole world knows “Naples” as “O’paese d”o Sole” (The country of the sun) but maybe they don’t know that the sun that rises in Naples is an inexhaustible source of inspiration for poets and singers of all times, like nowhere else in the world is this possible.

Libero Bovio, together with Salvatore Di Giacomo, was one of the architects of the so-called “golden age” of Neapolitan song.
The show aims to lead the audience on a journey through the life of the poet by retracing some salienti.con Gennaro Leonetti, voice, guitar and mandolin Sara Della Torre, voice and guitar Silvana Casolaro, singer and narrator Silvano Maffeo, actor.
Coordination: Adolfo Tronco
Public relations: Liliana Mastropaolo

Wednesday July 5th 7PM – Casina Pompeiana Villa Comunale Riviera di Chiaia, Napoli.
Free admission with reservation required – Info: +39 335 6214163 – WhatsApp +39 366 9818450 – +39 3403782113

Il Cantore di Napoli .Storia e Storie di Libero Bovio

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