The blue bench

There is no anger but disappointment and shame for what is happening in Italy. From North to South.

Institutions are absent. Newspapers are superficial and there is blind people who only judge.

There would be no reason, other than that of profit, which justifies the way of acting of those who are in charge of protecting the citizen but who refrain from doing so, or, even worse, do the exact opposite.

Mario only asked that the sentence issued by the court was respected and carried out.

For this he protested peacefully and went on hunger and thirst strike in front of the offices of the Municipality and of the Social Services of Romano di Lombardia, in Bergamo.

After the separation from his partner, who had taken the child away from him, the judge had ruled that Mario had to meet his son. It is not clear why this did not happen.

Mario has not seen his kid since July 2021. This hurts him and harms the child.

His protest began a few months ago and was peaceful because Mario is a peaceful man. Sitting on his blue bench, the bench on which are written names and last names of those who Mario believes to be responsible for the injustice toward him, he asked for someone to explain to him what was happening and why Social Services were not acting according to the law.

Open to dialogue and to listen to reasons for finding a solution, he waited.

On Sunday Febrary 20th, after the protest, Mario said that the protest went well, but that no one had appeared to give him clarifications, explanations or to resolve the situation.

In the last live, done around 7 in the morning, on Papa’ Coraggio profile, Mario appears tired but calm.

He tells his followers that he drank a coffee and that he would go to get retired dogs, then go shopping and return home.

“Everything went fine. Nobody showed up. They show themselves for what they are. “

he says, referring to Social Services and the psychologist.

He also says that he communicated to the carabinieri (the station is right across of the street of the social services headquarters where he demonstrated) his next action of revolt. And he also thanks his followers and all the people, many local also, who support him and encourage him to resist.

His drama is not a unique case.

Parents, indiscriminately mothers or fathers, who are affected by this system implemented by social services are always on the rise.

For a long time, waiting for the meetings with his son to take place, as established by the judge, Mario waited but received only indifference and some threats.

On Monday February 21st, the carabinieri saved Mario from the flames of his car.

Official news reports that he is hospitalized at the Papa Giovanni XXIII hospital in Bergamo. Mothers and fathers who went to demonstrate in front of the hospital did not find him there.

Nothing is known about him and the few official news are contradictory and superficial.

What’s the structure where Mario is located? Is that the center of big burns? Or did they take him to psychiatry supporting the thesis of the attempted suicide?

Mario did not attempt suicide.

His only goal is to build a relationship with his child and to see him grow and help him grow.

We must open our eyes and not leave him alone. Come on Mario! We are with you.

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