“La Rivoluzione degli Eucalipti”, the art exhibition of Nina Maroccolo at the Galleria d’Arte Moderna in Rome ended with great success.

The “Revolution of the Eucalyptus” by Nina Maroccolo, held from 14 May to 10 October 2021, at the Gallery of Modern Art in Rome, has ended.
The 5 months exhibition, curated by Plinio Perilli, has been much loved by public and critics as well!
We are proud to have created the catalog / art book, designed by Officina Mirabili. It is a synaesthesia between poignant photographic works and a visionary lyric novel by Nina Maroccolo, featuring 168 pages in which topics of crucial relevance are addressed, from the climate crisis to social denunciation, from the evils of our time to divine grace …
We at Disvelare edizioni together with Officina Mirabilis are happy to have been part of it, with Nina and Plinio, and together we are confident that we have left their mark on a profound and necessary renewal of Italian contemporary art.

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But the Eucalyptus Revolution does not end here!
And as a sign of continuity, we publish the best of the critical contributions written for this great synaesthetic work by Nina Maroccolo, with some of the works and passages chosen from the text.
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