Teatro dei Lazzari Felici. Schedule of the season.

After a two years pause, the curtains of the theaters return to reopen, releasing all the positive energy that has accumulated among the actors as well as among all the professionals in this period. Even Teatro Lazzari Felici is ready to do this and, for this theater season, it proposes its billboard “A teatro con gusto” (at theater with taste) in the name of entertainment and the Neapolitan tradition, featuring a selection of very heterogeneous shows.
The Neapolitan comedian Mariano Grillo, a veteran of his exploits at the Zelig in Milan and winner of the Troisi prize, will inaugurate the season on Saturday October 15th .

Following, every Saturday the theater stage will have the pleasure of hosting a selection of highly respected artists suche as Luca Trezza and Francesca Muoio, Elena Vittoria, Clelia Liguori and Peppe Carosella, just to name a few, who will stage shows adapted and revised to be represented in this particular location.

As always, the show will be preceded by a nice tasting of typical Neapolitan cuisine (appetizer, first course, dessert) accompanied by a glass of red wine that will be served directly at the tables recreating the atmosphere of Neapolitan Cafè Chantant.

Teatro dei Lazzari Felici is a Neapolitan sui generis theater, that is not the classic theater room but something more intimate, an example of Neapolitan architecture with exposed tuff bricks and vaulted ceiling, with very few seats sit which is located in the heart of Napoli, in vico Santa Maria dell’Aiuto 17 a stone’s throw from Largo Santa Maria la Nova (affiliated garage in the area).

To take part in the shows, which, given the few seats are strictly limited, it is necessary to get a reservation by calling or sending a whatsapp message at +39 350 012 1224.

You can also purchase tickets online by visiting www.lazzarifelici.it

Teatro dei Lazzari Felici
Vico Santa Maria dell’Aiuto 17
80134 Napoli.