Tambor Percussion – Handmade percussions from a real percussionist.


My mission is to ensure that any handcrafted instrument is possible to be made and accessible to everyone. The feeling of the musician with his instrument is important. It is a magic. And it is easier for the magic to come if you have in your hands not a simple object but a real handcrafted tool which has its own soul. This is the feeling of wholeness that makes everything more fluid

Gerardo Palumbo

The study of a whole life dedicated to the deepening of Afro-Cuban techniques, the passion for percussion and the love for wooden instruments led Gerardo Palumbo to create the TAMBOR brand by developing a laboratory where everything is exclusively made in Italy.

TAMBOR is a brand founded by a professional musician who makes handcrafted instruments. Each single instrument is entirely handmade with a deep attention to details and an obsessive attention to sound.





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