She losts in ‘Mina Settembre’ and wins the Premio Massimo Troisi 2021.

Interview with Mariarosaria Cafiero.

Being on stage was amusing. However she did not believe she would become an actress.
She made her debut on stage as an enterteiner in resorts. In 2009 the Italian director Francesca Comencini chose her as a special figure in the movie “Lo Spazio Bianco” with Margherita Buy.
Maria Rosaria Cafiero was just seventeen and during this experience she fell in love with cinema.
She began to gain experience in the theater and at the same time, she was studying in Napoli as a theater and cinema actress. She is a good comic actress and to make herself known she participated in various contests. A few years ago she won 6 prizes in a single evening at a contest for up comic actors, presented by Lucio Pierri. We recently have watched her in the role of a lawyer, in the successful Rai fiction Mina Settembre, with Serena Rossi.
Maria Rosaria is from Napoli. To be precise she is from the Capodimonte area. She has a great passion for Dracula, for TV series and cinema, and she is a good actress. She is very socially committed and an enterprising girl. Just like her, other young Neapolitan talents are not gratified in a city that, despite its efforts, is unable to support them. In our city, many show business workers are good and very professional but they are often underpaid and they do not always manage to make a living from this profession.
Competitions for emerging actors can be funny but most of the time they end in themselves. Apart from the experience and the satisfaction of having won an award, as Maria Rosaria tells us, there is nothing continuous in this.

“If you want to study to improve your skills, there are stage and cinema courses. They are actually another waste of time because the teachers are always very young and inexperienced. They only ask for money and you learn nothing. ”

Her thousand ideas are difficult to realize in such a context, and in the emergency situation in which we now find ourselves, it is almost impossible.
Maybe because there is also a need for recommendations? Anywhere and always.
However, Maria Rosaria does not have any connection and her debut in the world of cinema as well as in the world of theater and television is solely and exclusively the result of her talent.
During the first lockdown (unfortunately now the lockdowns in Italy are going to be numbered), the actress all “pepper and character” made some videos that she posted on youtube. In a flash, her facebook page, that she had just opened, got more than 5000 views!

On December 30th she won the Troisi 2021 Prize with a hilarious monologue in Neapolitan language, written by Pippo Cangiano, and she was awarded at the Teatro Toto ‘in Napoli.

“If I won the prize it is also because I am a Neapolitan. The monologue that Pippo Cangiano wrote and that I presented at the Troisi Prize is in Neapolitan and I am Neapolitan. ”

Pippo Cangiano is the author for most of her monologues. She has a lot of respect for him. She met him on the occasion of a show for young actors. Since then they started to collaborate. He believed in her from the first moment that he saw her on stage.

Between cinema and theater, Maria Rosaria would choose a film career but, she says,

“Only because the theater, on an economic level, does not make you a living. In Napoli you get paid few money and often you get paid off the books. Maybe the cinema can easier open the doors to the theater. I work as a theater actress in Napoli and now that the theaters are closed I’m not working. If theaters will open, people won’t go anyway and the situation will get even worse. ”

Maria Rosaria is looking for an agent who can introduce her elsewhere. She loves Napoli and she would not leave her hometown. However she is willing to work outside the city even for long periods.

“Napoli is art, it is culture, it is history. Napoli is the heart of the world and true art is here! It is so bad that in order to work Neapolitan artists are forced to leave this city. I hope that one day someone will point here in the South, in Napoli so we can say to all those who are abroad “Napulitane turnate ‘a casa!”(Neapolitans come back home!) “.

In a show staged shortly before the covid monster arrived, Maria Rosaria starred in a show in which she played Raffaele Viviani’s “Bammenella ‘e copp’ê Quartiere”, partly sung and partly recited. She was directed by director Maria Autiero and her interpretation was beautiful. Unfortunately, tin order to watch it and enjoy it to the fullest, the theaters would have to be reopened. Meanwhile you can enjoy watching the video and check out her facebook page.

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