Seven years after his latest project, Malam returns with ‘Odio Amore’.

Malam approaches Hip Hop, as a breaker, in the late 1980s.As a former co-founder member of Limbudos , in 1994 he started writing the first lyrics and producing the first beats. Since then he is active in the Italian music scene, especially in the Sardinian one, as a producer and arranger.
Over the course of his career he has released several singles and two cds. He made himself known by the Italian audience by playing in several venues of Sardinia and around Italy with some solo brackets as a guest of international festivals and events.

7 years after his last project Malam returns with a new album entitled Odio Amore. It features 10 tracks ranging from the most classic Hip Hop to the most conscious trap. The record is completely self produced except for Madre which was produced by Rhamez.
The author delves deeply into the listener, bringing everything to a larger vibrational plane. Odio Amore describes an insight into life and music, indicating the loss of the sense of community and the true sense of art. Ours is a humanity obsessed with appearances and the superfluous. A humanity that is willing to do anything to excel, imprisoned in the loss of values, where sometime we let ourselves be carried away by events, losing balance with our true self.

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