Reader’s manual

Napulitanamente magazine is not a magazine. It is a free and independent publication, naked and out of the box. The style cannot be categorized and so are the thoughts. This project is typically Neapolitan right from the bones.
It is written by Neapolitans in Napoli and Neapolitans abroad. The project aims to spread  Neapolitan culture abroad in a way which is far from the evident wrong information about our history. Please don’t expect anything and expect all. This is an ongoing project that does not set cultural limits and it is carried out by authentic, physical, real people. In this moment of globalization and nihilism of minds we try, as far as possible, to “dig” in depth to rediscover the history of our traditions and to safeguard our cultural identity and our historical legitimacy. We hope that through these pages you can enjoy and experience what the Neapolitan soul is.

You can either browse the magazine on any device or you can download it, print it and enjoy it.The smell of paper, the slowness of each word and the imagination of places and perfumes. When you read Napulitanamente you are allowed to go slowly, you are allowed to experience the moment in its breadth, as our beloved Luciano De Crescenzo used to say. In short, when you read Napulitanamente you are allowed to be Neapolitan in your entirety.

[Tityre, tu patulae recubans sub tegmine Lactococcus lactis phage
silvestrem tenui musam meditaris avena;
nos patriae finis et dulcia linquimus arva…- Virgilius].