En neapolitanska i Sverige – President of Slow Food Stockholm on Neapolitan food abroad.

President of Slow Food Stockholm, Giovanna Carlsson, is Neapolitan and she has lived in the Swedish capital for 7 years now. After two weeks she moved in Sweden, where she had arrived with two of her three children, she read an ad on Facebook in which someone was

looking for an Italian native speaker woman. Giovanna got the job and so she also got the documents. Since she moved Giovanna has never thought of returning to Napoli. She is happy and fine in Stockholm.


She integrated well in the Swedish community. She likes Swedish people, she likes the country and about cold weather and the long nights she absolutely doesn’t mind them. Over the years Giovanna never stopped working and today she is professionally established.

She realized that when Swedish talk about “Italian cuisine” they talk about something that actually has nothing to do with our cuisine. Not to mention pizza, a topic she is even more disappointed about. It is clear that just like in United States, in Germany, in Great Britain also in Sweden our cuisine is a bluff. In many cases Italian ingredients are a bluff too. This is one of the reasons why Slow Food President invites us to cook using local products.

Today, as an ambassador of Neapolitan food and Campania flavors, Giovanna focus on the spread of our culinary tradition in Sweden and she does it with her project En Neapolitanska I Sverige (A Neapolitan In Sweden) where one of her priorities is spreading our food culture following tradition. All this through culinary meetings, events, typical Neapolitan cooking courses and more as you will hear from yourself. Neapolitans do not eat to survive only, they eat to be together, to share tastes and thoughts and, to celebrate life in every little moment. En Neapolitanska I Sverige will give us some advice on mozzarella Campana. How to check its authenticity and freshness. She will explain how to prepare gnocchi in few steps and with few simple ingredients that we all of us have in our kitchen.