Pop opera arrives at Casa Sanremo

At Casa Sanremo Live Box 2024 the Neapolitan lyrical pop duo De Maio-Lupoli

Sanremo, February 9th, 2024 – Opera made a splash at the Palafiori in Sanremo for Casa Sanremo Live box 2024, thanks to a live streaming performance on the Casa Sanremo TV channel by opera artists Olga De Maio, soprano, and tenor Luca Lupoli. The artists, real Neapolitans, were the protagonists of the Sanremo event, parallel to the 74th Italian Song Festival, and enjoyed great success with the public and critics.

Olga De Maio and Luca Lupoli, well-known and appreciated international opera artists, appear and have performed on the stages of the most prestigious international theatres, ambassadors of Neapolitan and Italian bel canto in the world. The two artists have been awarded prestigious national artistic awards, winners of international opera competitions which considered them among the best opera singers in the world.

Representatives of the historic Artistic Cultural Association Noi per Napoli APS, organizers of shows and concerts always dedicated to Belcanto and opera, a UNESCO heritage site, the two will present the latest pop lyric piece, written for their voices by the Italian singer-songwriter Paolo Audino, author of Mina, Celentano, Minghi, Bocelli, entitled “Niente è niente“(nothing is nothing), arranged by Paolo Rescigno.

A song that combines pop and lyrical

The song combines two genres, pop and lyrical, resulting in a more current and modern sound. Their bet was this: can opera make an excursion into the pop genre, giving freshness and authenticity?

The result is a sweet song, with a delicate and thoughtful touch.

With the voices of the two artists in harmony with each other, creating a contrast of colours, sensations and emotions. All seasoned with an elegant and engaging arrangement tailor-made to emphasize and enrich the entire song.

A love story in just one night?

Can a love story last just one night? The protagonist of “Niente è niente” asks himself, disappointed and embittered by the circumstance.

Is it possible that after that there is nothing left? Should we expect nothing more? Yet, the protagonist questions himself and comes to the awareness that behind every situation, behind a choice, whether wrong or right, there is always a meaning, a motivation that pushes us to follow a certain path rather than another.

Even our existence, which can sometimes appear insignificant in our eyes, overcome by despair, is never really so. It is always worth living, finding your vocation and your meaning in life.

A significant and complex message that opens up many questions and reflections.

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