Pinocchio a llengua napulitana. Friday November 24th. Free admission.

Presentation of the new book by Davide Brandi published by MEA.

“Pinocchio a llengua napulitana” (Pinocchio in Neapolitan language).

Friday November 24th, 2023, at 6PM
Palazzo Venezia, Spaccanapoli.
Free admission.

 "Pinocchio a llengua napulitana"

Carlo Collodi’s fairy tale translated in full into the Neapolitan language: “Pinocchio era na guarattèlla ca vuleva addeventà nu guaglione!” (Pinocchio was a puppet that wanted to become a boy)

They dialogue with the author, Emma Di Lorenzo and Tommaso D’Alterio.
The actor Gianni Caputo reads, an “unusual” Pinocchio sings, Francesca Curti Giardina.

…Pinocchio could certainly have been part of the cheerful, carefree and noisy “guagliunera” to which I also belonged.
And so, many years later, in this book I transform Pinocchio into a “guaglione”, leaving his story unchanged but giving him a “Neapolitan voice”…