Papà Coraggio rescued in his burnt car on Monday evening.

After a long peaceful protest, Papà Coraggio is rescued in his burnt car on Monday evening.Fathers and mothers from all over Italy are moving in his support.

In January we received a communication from Mario, a desperate father from whom the ex-partner took his son away.

Mario is Neapolitan and lives in Bergamo. The poor dad told us that despite the judge’s sentence providing for father-son meetings, the social services did nothing to carry out what was established in court.

Mario had been on hunger strike for several weeks.

Lately he had started to strike hunger and thirst in front of the headquarters of the social services, in front of the CAF (cooperative family action) of Romano di Lombardia as we told in this article

On his Facebook profile Papà Coraggio posted updates about his protest.

This weekend the protest ended and, on Sunday morning, he was fine.

In a live on his Facebook profile Papà Coraggio , Mario says:

(Feb 19th 2.33AM Ita time)

“Everything is going well except that nobody showed up and even today a doctor passed by and muttered that they would also take my bench away from me. But I didn’t give her consideration because being here fighting is what they want.”

On the blue bench there are written names and last names of those who Mario believes to be responsible for the injustice done to his child and to him too.

Until the last moment he had a modicum of confidence, hoping that someone of competence would listen to him and clarify the situation.

On Monday evening the carabinieri intervened to rescue Mario in his burnt car. Papà Coraggio was transported to the Papa Giovanni XXIII hospital in Bergamo.

What happened?

Mario is a quiet boy, a worker. He does not drink and does not use substances. He is not a fool. He is a human being. He is a father whose son was illegally taken away and carries on a peaceful but determined protest.

He waited but was considered less than nothing.

Nobody noticed that there was a human being there, alone, asking for justice.

They will say that he is crazy. They will take away his dignity, they will treat him like a mad man. And people’s indifference will do the rest.

That’s enough!

The court ruled that Mario has to meet his son. Why this doesn’t happen?

There are countless mothers and fathers who find themselves in situations similar to this one and who have committed extreme acts.

It’s not madness. This is desperation, because no one listens to them and whoever could do something decisive is perhaps locked up in his/her own small, mediocre daily fear.

What else needs to happen to break this silence?