Papà Coraggio is on hunger and thirst strike.

Until today Mario went on hunger strike on weekends. He has started to strike even thirst.

Since long time now, Papà  Coraggio shares his complaints against social services and child protection who do not respect the court sentences by hindering father-son relationships and by committing many other crimes.

On his profile (Papà Coraggio) you will find videos that contain some evidence.

Following his communication.

I am sending you this communication to inform you that from this evening I started a thirst strike.

Thursday morning I will go to protest in fron of the CPS of Romano di Lombardia located in Romano di Lombardia (BG), 24058, in via Pascoli 27, and that, conniving with the cooperative Solidalia, has committed the serious crime of forgery, reporting on interviews that never took place, as they themselves declared in the medical records they handed me and against the cooperative Solidalia which, in addition to committing various crimes, including forgery, from 3 February 2021 to date, still does not comply with decrees and sentences by activating the paths and meetings with my son.

I will stay in front of the CPS from Thursday morning to Sunday evening, H24, without eating or drinking.

I hope in your help so that a real national awareness takes place and things change for all parents, protecting them from these deviant entities.

I attach link of my profile of the protest, where you will find the truth.

Thanks so much

Mario, papà  di T.

Pa Coraggio

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