Our origins. False Truths Revealed

An Italian historian and anthropologist reveals many secrets about our origins, the real history of Christianity and the families that have been persecuting us for hundreds of years.

Alessandro De AngelisDealing with origins and emigration, I came across research that I considered extremely interesting. A research in which the Italian Alessandro De Angelis has invested, and still does, time and energy and which has led to unimaginable results. Unfortunately, his merit as historian and researcher is also his defect because it makes him a character who gives voice to uncomfortable truths.

Since the first exams of Religion of Primitive Peoples at the faculty of Letters and Philosophy University at La Sapienza in Rome, Italy, Alessandro De Angelis has dedicated himself to the deepening of some themes treated during his course of studies about the origin of religions, assuming their birth as a consequence of natural disasters.
In 2014 he began to publish and the first fruits of his work begin to ripen. Fruits rich in substance!

De Angelis was interviewed, invited to lectures and as a guest on television and radio show. On every occasion, the Roman historian shocked the audience with “Bombshells” about the church and Christianity. Questioning all of history as we know it.
At that point those fruits became bullets that the system immediately began to dodge with the media isolation of the historian and the silence regarding his discoveries.

Since then the researcher has not stopped, on the contrary he is even more stimulated in the search for the truth and determined in its diffusion.
His books as product of his research demonstrate in some cases the reality of the facts, in others the possibility of lying in the attempt, by the church, favored by a certain system, to conceal truths about the story of Jesus, about the birth of Christianity and about events that are happening now.
With “Il Re dei Re”(The King of Kings) and “Il Sosia” (The Double) the author knocked out the Vatican and those who have betrayed.

There are those who offend him. Someone calls him a “mad heretic”, someone a “conspiracy theorist”, someone else downplays his discoveries but all avoids any confrontation.

Alessandro De Angelis is a straightforward man, authentic, sometimes provocative, little inclined to formalities, on the other hand we all become one when we lose our temper because someone is making fun of us, and for this reason he has made many enemies who hide themselves behind a false moralism.

Once the evolution and interior elevation of the humanity were the true purposes of Freemasonry. They were the goal of some Freemasons of whom today there is perhaps only a memory left, often distorted by bad information. Well that goal has been betrayed and the people have also been betrayed. So you’ve been betrayed too.

But what are we talking about?

We are talking about an ancient history that seems forgotten and buried but which in reality is not yet over. It is still in the making. The protagonists are ancient characters whose generations until today determine our condition (I am referring to that of all Italians) of ignorance, slavery, suffering, and mental closure. These protagonists belong to families that control all the countries of the world since thousands and thousands years, thanks to the transfer of monetary sovereignty by corrupt and enslaved politicians.

De Angelis False truth revealedEven Jesus was betrayed but certainly not by Judas’ kiss. Indeed he was betrayed by the one who founded Christianity, the “epileptic” (as Nietsche defined him) Paul of Tarsus, and by Christianity itself. On the other hand, what to expect from a religion that is based on the sacrifice of the child and which leads to deresponsibility and slavery!?!
Only the truly mad or masochists would accept such a thing.
And so we Italians are madmen and masochists who, instead of pulling off the slices of ham from their eyes, prefer to live perpetually in suffering and submission, offending their ancestors and showing a lack of respect and dignity towards them and us.

De Angelis’ work offers a series of multiple elements that would allow us to turn things around and twist the ending of the story for how it has been conceived and for the terrible direction it has taken.

His historical investigation is made on the studies of archaeological finds and through translations and in-depth study of many writings, including the Canonical Gospels, the Apocryphal Gospels, the Book of Maccabees, Titus Flavius Joseph (Jewish Antiquities and Jewish Wars), Cesare Baronio (Ecclesiastical Annals), and other testimonies including those of Strabo and Tito Livio (just to name a few); and leads to hoped for truths, to feared and sometimes somewhat disconcerting truths.

In his publications, the reconstructions are supported by overwhelming evidence so far undeniable that reveal yet another historical falsity that is still told to us today, lying, in this case, about the history of a period of about 3500 years and which reaches up to the present days.

What would you think if I told you that once there really existed societies that lived happily in peace and that did not know war?
Once upon a time there were Gilanian societies that are not a mere legend, but a documented reality.
Between 7000 and 3500 B.C. Europe was inhabited by entirely self-managed matriarchal societies, characterized by the equality of the sexes, the absence of religions, and the absence of centralized hierarchies and authority.
These peoples lived on agriculture and hunting and were in peace and harmony with the land and with each other. What the land gave them and what was produced was distributed equally among the villagers, without any distinction.

In the area around the Volga basin, another Indo-European society, that of the Kurgan nomads, lived on violence and abuse. invading the surrounding lands and benefiting from the work of others.
From the Gilanic societies that they attacked more than once, and that they destroyed, the Kurgan learned elements of primordial writing (pictograms) and also learned notions of metallurgy and construction.

What would you think if I told you that the Annunnaki were not extraterrestrials and that Noah, son of Cain, was Ziusutra the Sumerian king?
The Kurgan invaded Elam (now southwestern Iran) and the land of Sumer.
The Kurgan were tall, strong. Their heads were covered in a tight headdress that elongated their eyes and gave them a serpent-like appearance. They were violent and always armed with stone sticks.
They came down from the mountains and were the Anunna or Anunnaki (apparently it literally means “seed of the princes”). The Anunna were Sumerian kings subsequently deified. Noah, son of Cain, and descendant of Adam (Marduk), was Ziusutra, the tenth Sumerian king.
De Angelis identified the biblical Adam with a Sumerian king and the fall of a comet that fell to earth around 3000 B.C. and that provoked a catastrophe from which the myth of the universal flood was born. As a result of the catastrophe, two of Noah’s sons were forced to emigrate to Egypt, giving rise to the Pharao dynasty.

From Noah we will arrive at Jesus who will turn out to be of Davidic, Herodian and Ptolemaic descent and who will be dead, as many Indians and many Egyptians claim, at 73 years old.

But that is not all.

After “Il Re dei Re” and “Il Sosia” which present endless surprises and twists, a third book with other shocking discoveries is work in progress and will probably be released in November. It is the author himself that anticipates this during the interview as he spend a few minutes on the phone between the drafting of one page and the other.

It is an impetus. I don’t even have time to say hello to him that he says

-Please don’t interrupt me and let me talk otherwise I’ll get lost! –

In fact, with all these genealogies and these connections there is really something to be lost! Before fully realizing and putting together the points I have read “Il Re dei Re” and “Il Sosia” twice and ran to dust off the books of Roman history. I’m not going to tell you about the genealogies …! There is a lot of work in this research.

– Okay! – I answer him.

So just like a train that slowly accelerates and then overwhelms you, he begins to talk about his new discovery, or rather, the confirmation of an old discovery that was later abandoned for lack of further historical confirmation.

– Jesus is the son of Herod the Great – he tells me.

Excited, he mentions that in the third volume of the trilogy “Il Re dei Re”, the case of Maria Boeto will be resumed. He will talk about the Holy Grail, and about the son of Jesus and Mary Magdalene, the daughter of his cousin Joseph.

There will be written about the revolt of Jesus under Caligula, and also the revolt of Jesus under Claudius … Then third book will tell about today’s dictatorship of the Herodians.

-The book that closes the trilogy will be another bombshell! –

And he assures me that we will talk about it as soon as it is published.

The first discovery that created silence around the author was that of the true identity of Mary of the Gospels, mother of Jesus.

Maria Boeto, daughter of Simone Boeto and Anna (this later married a certain Joachim), was the third wife of Herod the Great with whom she had a son. Herod the Great divorced Maria Boeto because she believed she was aware of her, perhaps even involved, in a conspiracy against him.

In fact, Antipater, the first son of Herod the Great, organized a conspiracy to poison him. The conspiracy failed and Antipater was killed. The failure of the conspiracy led to the torture of Maria’s brothers.
Maria Boeto, abandoned Herod the Great by taking away the child she had in her womb and went to Egypt.
After some time the Magi went to Jerusalem, to the court of Herod the Great to great him and bring gifts to the newborn.
These historical events completely coincide with an old story that we all know. In fact it fits perfectly with the stories and testimonies of the Gospels.
Who said the word?
It amuses me a lot to note that there is a great predisposition on the part of the people to believe in invented stories and a strong distrust of stories accompanied by historical documentation.
Or do we want to believe that Herod the Great was looking for two Marys, both waiting, both in the company of a Joseph, both with the same relatives…?
Another historical overlap, perfectly coinciding with that of the Gospels, is the story, more properly the career of Jesus of Gamala, who died in 68 A.D. clearly repurposed by Christianity.

Another identity revealed by the historian is that of Isaac, who was not the son of Abraham but was the son of Princess Sarah and a Pharaoh.
… And who will ever be the Pharaoh?

These are just some of the many identities revealed and the stories clarified in the trilogy of Il Re dei Re”, all supported by historical and / or archaeological evidence and documents that the author reports.

For now, the author, banned from some blogs and eliminated by “pseudo” cultural groups on social media, has also been declared number one on the Italian blasphemy website.
Is there an anti blasphemy website? Yes in despite of being in 2021 there is an active anti blasphemy website.

While some people is playing good and bad, Alessandro De Angelis concentrates on writing the next book.

While waiting for the release of the third volume of the trilogy Il Re dei Re”
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