Our hearts in the clouds is Officina Mirabilis’ first ethical advertising video campaign.

It already started with two other episodes : the presentation of the Sonic Logo and the launch of the English-language section of the Website. The video spot concludes an open path in search of wonder.
The video is a poignant timelapse of the dawn and it suggests the need to rediscover an authentic love for Nature, human (with your feet on the ground) and spiritual (with your eyes turned to the sky).Concept, video and music are all created by the agency .

The spot is also proof of the range of services that Officina Mirabilis can provide to companies, organizations, individuals and institutions.
Shot with innovative equipment (fullframe Nikon Z series) and deep attention to ‘sound’, which is an aspect on which the agency has always focused , Our hearts in the clouds demonstrates that ethical messages can be expressed through contemporary advertising aesthetics , increasingly contaminated by social language.
“We have always presented ourselves through photographic campaigns, this time we have chosen video and music to tell you something more about Officina Mirabilis”, declares the creative director.
Thus, the ethical communication and advertising agency, founded by Vincenzo Notaro in Nola, (Napoli) presents itself in Italy and abroad through a campaign that starts simultaneously on the main social networks and in particular on Instagram and LinkedIn.


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