Officina Mediterranea is born. It is a cultural association that intends to enhance the dud through the excellence and treasures of the territory.

We announce the birth of the Officina Mediterranea cultural association, which intends to enhance the wonderful Southern Italy, from marine areas to mountainous areas, through the skills of all Southerners, even those who have moved elsewhere for personal or professional reasons.

The association, created by Donato Rinaldi, aims to unite the different souls of the South, promoting knowledge of its historical and artistic treasures, its food and wine and all its excellences.
Officina Mediterranea will therefore be a point of reference for those who love the South and wish to contribute to its development and enhancement. The board will be composed of the president Donato Rinaldi, the vice president Tonia Scaglione, the musician Francesco Salime, the freelancer Marco D’Alessandro, the historian Enrico Fagnano, the head teacher Cristina Tundo and the teacher Rita Collodoro.

Although it was born today as an association, Officina Mediterranea already has numerous followers, acquired with its broadcasts on Facebook and Youtube: the related channel, in fact, has created more than 150 live broadcasts, which have concerned cultural, social, musical, touristic and historical topics and which have offered a complete picture of the wonders of our South.
There are already numerous members, mainly representatives of the world of education, culture and music, who will become part of the various regional circles.

With its interviews with writers and poets, Officina Mediterranea stimulates reflection on local artistic expressions, contributing to the knowledge of southern cultural heritage. Conversations with psychologists and professors, on the other hand, focus on social challenges and strategies for dealing with them.
And again: the performances of the musicians, accompanied by their interviews, offer an exciting experience and allow you to share characteristic melodies and rhythms of the South with the public, while the videos and reports made in the most evocative (and often hidden) locations of Southern Italy they make known enchanting places, such as castles, churches and museums, with their works of art.
Finally, the promotion of our historical heritage remains central for Officina Mediterranea, with the aim of spreading awareness of its inestimable value. Finally, particular attention is paid to the association dedicated to youth issues, providing space and visibility to our young scholars who, enriched by international experiences, choose to return to actively contribute to the growth and development of Southern Italy.

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