‘O Café Chantant. Briggeda se nne va a…Parigi?

‘O Café Chantant. Briggeda se nne va a…Parigi?  (Is Bridget going to Paris?)


Friday July 7th – 8PM

S.Luisa Theater in Marillac

Via A.d’Isernia 23, Napoli.


‘O Café Chantant. Briggeda se nne va a…Parigi? is an vent in one date, not to be missed.
Songs, “sciantose”, caricatures, music, comic skits linked to the Neapolitan musical history between the 19th and 20th centuries, all in a huge, overwhelming, exciting, enthralling show.

Written and directed by Davide Brandi and with the “Sciantosa” (played by the beautiful Francesca Curti Giardina), with the speck (Dario Dayko Carandente), with the gagà (Davide Brandi), with the musicians (Adolfo Tronco and Giovanni Leonetti), with “‘a Mastressa” (Fragasso Cinzia) and with many extras in early 1900s clothes from the historic Canzanella theater tailoring.

We look forward to welcoming you and reserving a very comfortable seat for you at the S.Luisa Theater in Marillac (via A.d’Isernia 23, Naples).
Contribution € 10.
Info and Reservation at Associazione  I Lazzari, Napoli.     Phone: +39 331 892 3006    Email: associazionelazzari@gmail.com

‘O CAFÈ CHANTANT Briggeda se nne va a…Parigi? (Is Brigida going to Paris?)

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