Noche  Flamenco En vivo. A typical Andalusian show with Dominga Andrias

Saturday December 3rd, 2022 at 8PM
La Casa del Mandolino Napoletano (The House of the Neapolitan Mandolin)
Piazzetta Museo Filangieri, 247 Napoli
Noche  Flamenco En vivo
Typical Andalusian show
Dominga Andrias

As part of the 2022/23 Music Theater Show organized by La Casa del Mandolino Napoletano, in the spirit that animates the project, which aims to create collaborations, contaminations and synergies with local artists, we have the honor and privilege to propose a typical Andalusian show with the participation of Dominga Andrias, the greatest exponent of Flamenco in Campania and beyond.
In fact, La Casa del Mandolino Napoletano is transformed into an authentic Spanish “tablao” through the overwhelming energy and skill of Dominga Andrias, one of the most popular Flamenco dancers in Campania, and beyond, boasting numerous participations in exhibitions and festivals. Since 1997 she has been teaching and holding flamenco courses in Naples and in the various provinces of Campania. You have numerous and prestigious artistic collaborations to your credit, with international directors, in 2009 Turturro directs you as a flamenco presence in the film “Passione” (Passion). In 2010 she is Carmen at the Teatro Instabile in Napoli directed by Sergio Javier, her Maestro.
You take care of the Artistic Direction of the “Phlegrea Flamenco Festival”, held at Monte di Procida (Napoli).


Dominga Andrias Baile: Dominga Andrias


Roberto Natullo

Flute and cajon: Roberto Natullo

A typical Andalusian show that retraces the classic variations of Flamenco “Palos”: Alegrias, Tangos, Soléa, Bulerias.
A unique event, a fascinating experience, in the welcoming atmosphere of the House of the Neapolitan Mandolin, a splendid evening of Dance, Music, Singing, Culture, Andalusian Tradition

Ana Rita Rosarillo

Cantaora: Rosarillo

Ernesto Bravo

Guitar: Ernesto Bravo


Baile: Dominga Andrias
Guitar: Ernesto Bravo
Cantaora: Rosarillo
Flute and cajon: Roberto Natullo
With the participation of the artist Anna Della Ragione (classical guitar)




Saturday December 3rd, 2022 at 8PM
La Casa del Mandolino Napoletano (The House of the Neapolitan Mandolin)
Piazzetta Filangieri Museum, 247 Napoli

Reservation is mandatory.
Telephone: +39 340 333 4674
+39 340 378 2113

Contribution for the evening € 12

It is advisable to contact the organizers for reservations and information.
Artistic direction: Adolfo Tronco
Public relations: Liliana Mastropaolo