No-Extinction launched a new environmentalist and pacifist campaign

In a global context where humanity faces unprecedented threats, the “No-Extinction” movement is born, an international initiative dedicated to environmental protection and the promotion of peace.

Castelfiorentino, November 27th, 2023 – Our planet is at a critical crossroads: we face the risks of nuclear war, the uncontrolled rise of artificial intelligence and climate change. These challenges not only threaten our present, but also the very survival of the human species.

“No-Extinction” launches a new global environmental and peace initiative, aimed at uniting citizens, students, activists and trade unions around the world in concerted action to get governments to commit to a sustainable and peaceful.

Climate change, in particular, being very slow but already a reality, represents a subtle and more progressive threat than expected, due to various natural phenomena that feed on themselves, practically vicious circles that amplify the effects of global warming.

The resulting consequences, such as extreme events and melting ice, are already visible and require immediate action. Likewise, the potential danger posed by artificial intelligence needs careful regulation to avoid unintended consequences. Finally, achieving the objective of global peace is necessary to divert the financial and operational resources of the military apparatus and make them available for the fight and resilience to climate change, but above all to avoid another risk of extinction: that of a nuclear war .

To address these global challenges, a new approach is essential. “NE” (No-Extinction) proposes the creation of an international authority, made up of experts and scientists, which can intervene with effective measures and sanctions towards nations that do not adhere to environmental directives.

Current governments, often limited by short-term perspectives, have proven inadequate in managing these crises.

In order to achieve global peace, a reform of the United Nations is also proposed which includes the elimination of vetoes and gives it greater powers.

“NE” calls on students, employees, activists and citizens around the world to unite and implement strikes, nonviolent demonstrations and climate lawsuits to catalyze change.

The resources to finance the transition can be found from a carbon tax, from a more progressive taxation of profits, great wealth and financial speculation, from a real fight against tax evasion and from the reduction of military spending.

Further information and information resources are available on NO-Extinction website, such as the book “How to avoid extinction (and make the world better)” and the multimedia Powerpoint presentation “Climate change in a nutshell”, particularly useful for the educational context, which can be downloaded freely.

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