Neapolitans – From Holland.

international business consultingHuman beings are social beings and everyone has the ability to develop empathy. However, there are people who are particularly empathetic but who also have something else, that is the ability to learn quickly and excel in everything. This, especially in the workplace, can create envy and inconvenience. About 20 years ago I needed a tennis instructor who was particularly good. The resort where I worked was frequented VIP and there was a need for an instructor who could stand up to the tennis professionals. At 16 Vitale was already a champion. I meet him and some time later I hired him.

After a few months, due to misunderstandings between Vitale and the owner of the resort, I moved Vitale to another resort where he got the job as team leader. Despite the young age and the inexperience Vitale proved to be a responsible boy and in the workplace an expert professional. His skills in every job have always been extraordinary but often poorly viewed by his co-workers. For this reason Vitale had problems, until he entered therapy and discovered that he has more than simple empathy but is a real plus. Vitale has worked all over the world occupying positions of responsibility and today he is consultant to GBC Elettronica and also Co-Founder / Owner at Mov’IT – IBC, a company that deals with International Business Consultancy.

When he and his partner decided to move to Holland, he started all over again, starting from the language, and quickly reached the goals he had set himself. In six months Vitale learned Dutch and was completely integrated. Certainly, according to Vitale, his capacities were supported by the fact of being Neapolitan.

VF: “If you are not particularly awake you can’t resist, and in Napoli we are used to fighting every day. A good person who lives in the jungle must force to develop a certain spirit of adaptation otherwise he dies. “

He says that having a reference when you move abroad is important. He had his partner and her family beside him. For this reason Vitale helps compatriots who go to Holland. How?

“I give clarifications on how health insurance is done or how taxes are paid. I give them some tips … All things that often are not clear at the beginning of your stay”.

Vitale lives in Holland with his partner and a child. Maybe he will visit Napoli in August taking

advantage of combining work and family affections. From abroad Vitale sees what is happening in Italy, especially in Napoli. His words could be helpful in clarifying some systems.

VF: In Holland there was no obligation to stay at home and in public spaces you had to stay apart.

For a little over than a month the kids didn’t go to school.

Then, thanks to some studies, it was shown that children do not become infected with each other and above all they do not infect an adult. They be infected by adults.

So everything got back to normal. The children never had a mask and returned to school regularly. For this reason I am happy to live here in Holland, because if I were in Italy I would be in the square to protest.

VF: Social flattening is now more accentuated with this fake worldwide “pandemic”. This is an accelerator on what you want to achieve so that in this society today there is no empathy or passion or feeling. There is only respect because it is imposed by law but they are all robots.

All human beings have the good inside but it must be brought out because in our society there is a tendency to do the opposite to isolate people. The Neapolitans help to bring out this sensitivity. This humanity.

We have it for culture in the way we do, for us humanity is inherent in the soul.

In the rest of the world, there is a plan to make everyone static. Neapolitans can save the world also by helping the rest of empaths who, although in latency, still exist.