Neapolitans abroad – from London

My name is Susy. I am a Neapolitan woman who grew up in the center of Napoli, in historic Napoli which is a beautiful city but unfortunately full of decay. I studied to become a beautician and as soon as I finished my studies in March 2001 I went to London with my boyfriend who is today my husband and father of my two children of 13 years old and of 6 years old.

I immediately felt in love with London and I appreciated the English culture. Here in London I have seen my life improving every day. I continued to study and I have improved my skills in the world of aesthetics. So much so that I qualified as a medical-aesthetic. Despite my age and with two children, I managed to graduate in order to teach.

I teach aesthetics in the morning and in the afternoon I run my Medical Aesthetic business “Susy P Glam Spa”.

Today I feel quite fulfilled and I thank God every day because 20 years ago he made me set foot in a beautiful city like London!

I just returned from a visit to my family in Napoli. I have heard someone on TV talking about a possible lockdown in Campania and so I immediately flew back home to London.

In London, the emergency is managed with greater rationality, even if they also commit some inconsistencies. Ok there is a virus, and this is well established, but it is not the real killer. The real killer is cancer. I have friends who have had covid and they all said that despite the heaviness it is not so terrible. I’m fine because I have a strong immune system, I take the necessary precautions and I respect myself. Since I don’t do so many scenes when it comes to covid, I have received reminders and warnings from people who have even advised me not to write my thoughts on social media.

I am always positive and I am also rational. In all honesty, I believe that people in Italy and in Napoli are losing their minds.

I remember my adolescence in the neighborhood living among supportive people. We used to spent a lot of time together as a big family. Aunt, cousin and other family members lived in one building.

I am from the area of the vicolo Miracoli.

Unfortunately, the neighborhood were I am from has never given us anything. It offered nothing. So I and other friends from the same neighborhood had to think of an alternative. I chose London.

I was very determined and I wanted this thing. In March of 20 years ago I left Napoli for London and I started the rise of my life.

I follow my sixth sense a lot. When a customer has something wrong, I immediately notice it and if I feel there is negative energy. As soon as I arrived in London I immediately felt a good vibe.

I remember getting on this new, colorful double-decker bus. I felt like I was living a fairytale. When we first landed, I and my boyfriend rented an apartment which had a luxurious balcony overlooking the main street.

It was sunny and I was happy. I felt that in London I would be fulfilled and that I would start a family.

And so it was. I am a fan of “The Secret” and I really think that when you want something you will have it.

I immediately begun looking for work but I didn’t speak a word of English.

A friend of mine wrote me a note with the fateful phrase “I am looking for a job”, because I couldn’t say that either. I was already a beautician but without knowing English they would not have hired me.

At the time, there were job centers. I went there and I got a job at a five-star hotel. The hotel was beautiful, it looked like the Excelsior of Napoli.

I was an extravagant girl, I went to nightclubs, I had fiery red hair, blue nails … My boyfriend suggested me to change look to get the job but I didn’t have time to do it. From the job center I went straight to the hotel to talk with the manager.

As soon as the manager saw me she told me “I’ll hire you because I like your hairstyle”.

This was a revenge that I took with respect to Italy. Honestly, I’m tired and disgusted with Italy and the Italians. Napoli is beautiful but it is not well maintained. Instead in London if you go to the city it is beautiful, if you go to the countryside it is beautiful. If you want to go in an ugly place you have to look for it. In Napoli you only see ugliness and decay and my heart brokes any time I go for visit. I will have my character but I can’t accept certain things anymore. All I did in my life I did it by myself Italy and Napoli didn’t give me anything.

In 2007, Dylan was born, my first child. Having to take care of the baby I couldn’t work, and then I was alone with no family. The government supported me with a weekly allowance for

me and one for my son who is still receiving today at 13 years old. Thanks to the government I was able to open a bank account for the child to save money for his future.

When Dylan turned 3, I went back to work. Having the baby I could only work part-time. I found a job at a famous spa in London. After a while I started working as a freelancer.

I rented a few rooms in private clinics where I offered my aesthetic services. Meanwhile, my husband worked as a gardener and helped me with the child. I have been with my husband for 21 years and we walk well together.

In 2014 my baby girl was born and in the same period my husband opened a pizzeria.

That year was a bit stressful and I felt into depression. My career slowed down, I couldn’t go out with friends, the money was less and so I decided that I had to make a change.

I enrolled in a degree program to teach. Having two children, I studied at night and finally qualified as a teacher.

Today I deal with Aesthetic Therapy (botox and more advanced things). Staying in this city continues to give me satisfaction. I take the courses because the government helps by lending you money at 1% interest, but if later you won’t earn anything you won’t have to pay anything.

You see that here government takes care of the citizens and we are gratified. Think that my sister, who lives in Napoli and works there, in despite of being helped from our parents with her children she didn’t really enjoy them much because she worked even on holidays for little money, without seeing the children . On the other hand, living in London, I was able to enjoy motherhood, I was close to my children and the government supported me.

Today I am happy here, with my husband, who successfully runs his pizzeria, and my two wonderful children. London is a good place to live and I would never leave it.