Neapolitan lessons continue from February 20th.

After the great success of enrollments in the Neapolitan Language Basic Course (level A1 and A2) and, promoted by the European Council of Strasbourg, the Institut Grenoble of Napoli in collaboration with the I Lazzari Association, in strengthening relations with the city and with the cultural exchange world, the lessons of the Intermediate Neapolitan Course (level B1 and B2) continue.
The lessons, which will also be held by Davide Brandi (president of I Lazzari), will begin on Monday February 20th, 2023 and will continue on a weekly basis for 10 lessons (until Monday May 8th, skipping the holidays of (04/11 and 05/01). At the end of the cycle of meetings, all participants will be issued a certificate of participation by the I Lazzari Association.
In order to participate, a basic knowledge of Neapolitan spelling is required (level A1 and A2) and reservations are required by calling Lazzari (Tel.: +39 331 892 3006) or by sending an e-mail, subject to availability .
Total cost: €20 (or €2 per lesson) as a contribution to expenses (for teaching materials, prints and for the final parchment) at I Lazzari.

Associazione I Lazzari
Telephone:+39 331 892 3006

Neapolitan Course by I Lazzari Association

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