Neapolitan language. King Ferdinand’s Neapolitan lessons at the Reggia di Portici from November 13th 2021.

Neapolitan language. King Ferdinand’s Neapolitan lessons at MAVV, the Reggia di Portici, from November 13th 2021. SCOLA ‘E FERDINANDO is a very special Neapolitan language course made spectacular, written and interpreted by Davide Brandi (former author of the book and of the show “Tombola Storica napulitana del 1734 a lengua napulitana”)
Quizzes, games, explanations of “bad words”, interesting exercises will involve the audience in first person. Ferdinand IV, who has a dream foreseeing that in the 2000s “his” Neapolitans will be filled with English and will write with a bad Neapolitan spelling, decides to intervene by institutionalizing the language with a lot of pragmatic that he will read to the people, until he proves to them that with this intervention will be the world to use “Neapolitanisms” and even at the English court of Elizabeth II the royal messengers will be in Neapolitan.
Ferdinando will be played by Davide Brandi and will be accompanied on this goliardic journey by Maria Carolina of Austria (Ferdinando’s wife, whom he called in the show ‘A GGERMANESE) and by various guests who will alternate in the four episodes.
Free and secure parking in the Palace.

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