Neapolitan language is spoken in San GennaroTreasure Museum

“Neapolitan is spoken in San Gennaro.

The San Gennaro Treasure Museum has launched a nice initiative to disseminate the culture of the area which, in addition to the story of the history and works of art, reinforces everything because it gives the possibility of choosing the languages of the audio guides by adding the Neapolitan.

We remind you that for some time now, upon reservation (Saturday and Sunday only), it is possible to visit the Museum of the Treasure of San Gennaro with a guide who explains everything in the Neapolitan language while now, it is possible to visit the museum on any day with the audio guide in Neapolitan.

The translations of the audio guide texts were entrusted to Davide Brandi, president of the I Lazzari Association and teacher of the Neapolitan language mainly at Palazzo Venezia and at the Grenoble in Napoli.

Then we wait for you at the Museo with San Gennaro to listen to  “‘O cùnto a llèngua napulitàna. E gghiamo, ja’ ” (the story told in Neapolitan language).

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