Napulitanamente magazine

Napulitanamente is a magazine that covers Neapolitan culture and its extraordinary heritage all over the world. We are an independent publication that was established in July 31st 2020 and since then we accrued 1500 monthly readers and more than 10900 followers on social media. Our focus is to spread the Neapolitan heritage and help people learn more about the local culture, while also eliminating any misconceptions spread throughout the nation.

Within Napulitanamente you can find a large range of articles that cover everything from Mediterranean cuisine to photography, art, theater, poetry, language, cinema, history, but also lifestyle and business. Additionally, we also publish audio and video interviews, and we always maintain a very objective approach. We also share interviews and letters featuring immigrants from the entire world.

What makes Napulitanamente unique is the fact that it’s free for everyone, and it offers a detailed, yet unbiased insight into the country and what it has to offer. Napulitanamente was established by Ingrid Pagliarulo, a Neapolitan that’s living in Los Angeles. She wants to ensure that the Neapolitan, and Southern Italy culture in general, are never forgotten, and people can have direct access to it. Which is why here at Napulitanamente we want to ensure that we keep the legacy, history and culture of the Neapolitan region alive, while also making it easy for everyone to learn even more about this beautiful, enthralling location.

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