Napoli Eterna Passione at La Casa del Mandolino Napoletano. Saturday December 17th.

Saturday December 17    6.30PM

Napoli Eterna Passione (Napoli eternal passion)

Gloria Greco accompained by M° Franco farina and Duvaplectrum

at La Casa del Mandolino Napoletano (The House of Neapolitan Mandolin)

Piazzetta Museo Filangieri, 247 – Napoli.

Following La Casa del Mandolino Napoletano’ schedule for 2022/2023
Here is the long awaited appointment with the concert
Napoli Eterna Passione
An evening/event dedicated to music and tradition. On the stage the artist Gloria Greco, accompanied by the DivaPlectrum and Maestro Franco Farina on the piano, for an engaging and exciting concert, always appreciated by the loyal audience.
Precious exponent of the classic Neapolitan song, boasts a vast repertoire of songs, from the 18th century to ending with contemporary authors, Gloria Greco, elegant artist, teacher, passionate interpreter with a strong temperament, imbued with culture, who knows how to shake feelings and drag the audience with her energy, her smile and her joy, will lead us, with the intensity of her voice, in the alleys of Napoli, in the squares among the people, the colors, the scents and the magic…

Gloria Greco Neapolitan singer

A concert of songs from the Neapolitan classical song repertoire ranging from the 50s to the 70s, a historical period of great changes, musical influences, reconstruction and hopes, which left a mark in the flourishing Neapolitan singing production, which then spread on a planetary level with memorable and timeless songs.
A welcoming space, an ensemble of plectrum instruments, songs that tell universal stories and feelings, for an evening full of eternal passion not to be missed.
We are waiting for you, there will be surprises.


Gloria Greco


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Napoli Eterna Passione
Gloria Greco accompanied by Maestro Franco Farina and Divaplectrum
Saturday December 17 at 6.30PM

La Casa del Mandolino Napoletano
Piazzetta Museo Filangieri, 247 – Napoli.

Concert contribution € 12.
Piazzetta Museo Filangieri, 247 – Napoli.

Reservation is mandatory.
Telephone: +39 340 333 4674
+39 340 378 2113