Naples is Caprisius!

The Caprisius advertising campaign by Officina Mirabilis arrives in Napoli to promote the new Amaro di Capri.

After appearing in Piazza Duomo in Milan and in front of the Altare della Patria in Rome, the Faraglioni of Capri are preparing to return home for a break, before leaving again for who knows what other adventures…
However on their way back, they land in the port of Napoli, in front of Vesuvius.
Naples is Caprisius” is the third visual of the campaign created by Officina Mirabilis for Caprisius, in the latter version created to promote the new Amaro di Capri. A visionary match between two marvelous places: Napoli – a crossroads of the elements where the population lives with passion and ardor – and Capri – a natural monument of style, splendor and beauty.

It is in Napoli that Caprisius intends to plant the roots of its newcomer, the Amaro di Capri, a product destined to revolutionize the classic idea of amaro, made exclusively with botanicals harvested in Capri, with a light amber color, with Mediterranean floral scents, hints of orange blossom, lemons, figs and sea salt.

But Caprisius’ aspirations also go beyond the national range. In fact, in this first phase of the campaign, there was an American interlude that appeared exclusively in the paper version of Napulitanamente, a magazine published in Los Angeles that dedicated 2 pages to Caprisius and the “New York is Caprisius” visual. A first test that created great anticipation among Made in Italy connoisseurs and in the American import/export world.

That of Caprisius is a fascinating story, born from the desire to tell the island of Capri through a sensory journey starting from the sea that surrounds it and which crosses all the beauties enclosed in this wonderful island.

Are you ready to dive nearby the Faraglioni?
Unleash the spirit of Capri wherever You are!”

Napoli is Caprisius

Wherever you are, drinking Caprisius will make you feel in Capri. This is the experience that intends to convey the creativity developed by Officina Mirabilis, an ethical communication and advertising agency born on the slopes of Vesuvius and operating in the field of glocal branding.
The goal is to make the name ‘Caprisius’ an adjective that conveys a vision of the world, a zest for life: the way of being of those who have within themselves the blue of the sea and the silver of the Faraglioni…
I am Caprisius. I feel Caprisius!”