Na 57 is… ‘Na bomb!

NA 57 is a tribute to our lands, our islands, it is a tribute to our volcano Vesuvius and to our beloved Maradona who passed away last December. In a simple acronym, passion, creativity, love for Campania and all the beauty of the South.

To the FRENCH75, that has been called with the same name of a military device used during the First World War, The SudPlus replies with a champion action that will inevitably score!The extraordinary mix of local ingredients includes white wine from Campi Flegrei, Falanghina DOC de La Sibilla; Gin Caprisius Gin from Capri, Limoncello made from Lemons of Sorrento IGP from Riviera deiLimoni; and gaseous (a kind of soda) Arnone. As you read everything comes strictly from our lands. Vsit the blog for the detailed recipe and try it, you will be delighted!

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