Marsicano. From Rap to Image.

Simone Marsicano made his music debut as rapper, collaborating with Neapolitan idols in projects that gained considerable success reaching 1.8K visits on youtube. Simone has collaborated with artists such ‘Nto, CoSanghe, and Uomodisu. By chance, through rap, he approached the world of music videos. Since 2012 he works as video editor at Incolore Communication, a Neapolitan agency that deals with production and promotion (Enzo Avitabile, Luca Persico ( Zulu’, Resurrextion). Simone is a creative. He has many passions not much free time. When he can he spends time with friends, or reading a book of Pasolini or watching Asian movies. Together with his friend, the film director Gaetano Massa, Simone has worked on two videos, “Introspezione”, by Resurrexion, and “If You Want”, by D. Treggs; which were selected at the New York Film Festival 2019. Simone told Napulitanamente about his transition from rapper to video editor, a passage that, perhaps, has foreseen the change and alienation that we are experiencing in times of social and physical distancing. SM. : Let’s say that I left Rap because of Trap. Earlier rappers like Clementino, Rocco Hunt, ‘Nto, use to say in their songs what they saw and experienced. Today, however, there is an abuse of ostentation of belonging to the gangs. There was a time that if you weren’t really someone you couldn’t afford to do things. Today there are kids who are totally empty inside and they do incredible damage.


Today there are no limits, no rules, and no one is doing something. Kids are used to stir up hatred and make wars.Because of the current emergency situation things could get worse but Simone won’t leave Napoli. At list for now.

SM: Going away from Napoli? I thought about it sometimes I also thought about America.

I am very attached to Napoli. I was born in 87 in a festive atmosphere for Napoli thanks to the winning of the Italian championship. But the relationship with my city is of hate and love.

As a boy, listening to rap I believed that young people could evolve from a certain type of mentality instead there is an old mentality difficult to eradicate. Unfortunately, the myth of Gomorrah that kids have is proof of this. It is a good quality product. Including the fascinating degradation of the locations. Unfortunately, this penalizes us on a social level.

About social distancing Simone share some considerations

SM: It seems to me that I am living a film. When the pandemic cleared up and we were forced to stay at home and we were forced to go out only with certification. I who usually watch even science fiction films could no longer watch films. Everything seemed to me a bullshit compared to what was really happening.

At the beginning I was very worried about the virus and people made fun of me. Now I have many doubts. Also concerning the mask. This thing is not clear. Even with regard to vaccines, many things are not clear to me. I always try to find out. For 10 years things have already been known but it seems that they are all dazed.

It is clear that they are fueling the chaos and we will certainly see some beautiful ones.

At the beginning I believed that the 5 star Movement could do something. But it was not so. At this point it would take the monarchy.

The king is born king and knows that he must do that. Today a child can become a minister and here are the results.