Levate ‘a Cammesella! Saturday November 5th at Teatro dei Lazzari Felici

Levate ‘a Cammesella (take off your blouse) on Saturday November 5th at Teatro dei Lazzari Felici.
Shows with tasting at the Teatro dei Lazzari Felici are back!

Each time a different show but always in the name of “Neapolitanism” and fun accompanied by a small dinner based on typical Neapolitan cuisine.
Saturday, November 5th, 2022 at 9 PM a peppery show awaits you!
A new show to laugh, sing and watch: a right balance between images, Cabaret numbers, and songs that retrace the Neapolitan tradition for a dip in the era of Napoli of the past at the time of the Cafè Chantant, the Rivista and the Avanspettacolo.
Elena Vittoria, the sciantosa, researches and proposes songs dating back to the late nineteenth-early twentieth century, interpreted at the time by the great women of the Neapolitan panorama such as Ria Rosa and Gilda Mignonette, but also by great more recent artists such as Angela Luce and Giulietta Sacco; she sarcastic, funny and witty in the role of Man, performing in Spots and songs known thanks to the great artists such as Vittorio Marsiglia, Nino Taranto and Aurelio Fierro.
During the evening, as is our custom, a tasting of typical Neapolitan cuisine will be offered accompanied by a good glass of wine, ideal for the tone of the evening.

levate a cammesella

The location of the event is the Teatro dei Lazzari Felici off Neapolitan theater, which deviates from the classic theater hall becoming something more intimate,. It is an example of Neapolitan architecture with exposed tuff bricks and vaulted ceiling, located in the heart of Napoli, in vico Santa Maria dell’Aiuto 17 a stone’s throw from Largo Santa Maria la Nova (garage with special rates).

Given the limited number of seats, reservations are required by calling +39 350 012 1224 visit the website www.lazzarifelici.it or the Facebook Lazzari Felici page.
We are waiting for you!

Teatro dei Lazzari Felici
Vico Santa Maria dell’Aiuto 17
80134 Napoli
Tel +39 350 012 12 24

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