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Neapolitan musician producer Daniele De Cario is a ‘bird of passage’ in Los Angeles.

Those who emigrate is clear that are not comfortable in their country. But emigration is often a well-organized phenomenon that involves the moving of people to a country that needs a workforce. By making a land inhospitable, poor and uninhabitable, inhabitants are forced to escape and then they are welcomed as refugees becoming slaves of those who host them.

The first Neapolitan emigrants, who emerged after the unification of Italy, were defined as “birds of passage”. Although they moved to the United States, they did so with the intention, sooner or later, of returning to their hometown. Even if living in poor apartments of the neighborhoods, but still in the beautiful Parthenope.

For those who came from small country villages, and with fewer alternatives, it was more convenient to stay abroad. These, returning home, would have found their small properties completely knocked out by taxes or by the overwhelming effects of the legal organized crime. If we can, as Neapolitans, we prefer to go back to look at beauty. Compared to a film set built in an arid desert (without bidet and without windows), Napoli, with its history, its traditions, its beauty, despite the difficulties, is always a better choice. In Massimo Troisi’s film Ricomincio da Tre (Starting over from three), Gaetano (played by Troisi himself) argues that leaving Napoli does not necessarily mean emigrating. A person can travel to look around, to get to know the world and to better know him/herself. Daniele De Cario, like Gaetano, did not emigrate. In fact, he had a job in Napoli and he was quite busy.

Since his adolescence, as a multi-instrumentalist and music producer, he toured Italy, Europe, South Africa, Australia, Middle East, playing with nationally renowned artists such as Eddy Napoli, Nello Daniele, Albino Montisci, and internationally such as Evan Schoombie, Scott Alan, Eric Perdomo.

Furthermore, he was a music producer and solo artist. He released a record in 2001 titled Intorno a Noi (Around Us) and which he promoted touring Europe.

Daniele De Cario Photo©Low Pulse Project
Photo©Low Pulse Project

Also he owned a well-established music laboratory, Zero dB, that has also been partner of nationally important events, such as the Mia Martini Award and the Multiarte event MArte Live Festival, and international events, such as the Michael W. Smith concert.

In 2008 Daniele visited California. At that time an entertainment agency was looking for a bass player for blues and country singer Kelli lidell, daughter of Johnny Lidell (Primerose Lane).

On the advice of a friend, who is as well a professional bass player, just for fun, he auditioned. He immediately got the sponsor and was hired for the international tour with the singer.

Daniele describes it as a “super cool” experience that lasted two years and that left him a wonderful memory, made not only of good music but made also of a deep friendship and of free time well spent on a luxury tour bus visiting places, until then, yet unknown to him. It took him a short time to get noticed for his musical versatility and his good attitude. Being always in a good mood, sociable, responsible, and full of energy, he transmits good vibes to every type of audience.

Very soon Daniele joined the Latin circuit . He has played with Alejandro Fernandez, David Bisbal, Alejandra Guzman, Miriam Hernandez, Diego Torres, Christopher Uckermann, Samo, Jose Nieves (RKM) & Kenny Vasquets (KEN-Y) Sofia Reyes, Reyli Barba, Ignacio Val, Fernanda Avedel, Natalia Jimenez, Fey.

The many appearances on Univision, Estrella TV, L.A.TV with famous artists, in television shows such as Telethon, Lanzate, Estudio2, Primera Edicion, and other events, made him even more popular.From the Latin world his vibe and energy also reached the middle eastern circuit . Therefore he started by joining Iranian band Karmandan.

The ¾ became 6/8. His fame grew so that saw him on stage and on TV channels like BBC, Manoto TV, Avang TV, with Rana Mansour, Sepideh, 25band, Siavash Sham, Sami Beigi, Leila Forouhar, Aref Arefkia, Ahmad Saedi, Jamshid Moghadam, Piruz, Black Cats.

He also played with the Armenian star Sevak Khanagyan.

D.D.C.: “Playing Latin and Persian music is rhytmically like playing Neapolitan songs. Also, especially the traditional compositions, have often quite same melodies. Most of the time the rhythm is 2/4, 3/4 and 6/8. In some songs what does changes is just the accent of the main beat. It’s like speaking the same language but with people from different nationalities. Persian and Latino music are both basically influenced by the African rhythm. Because the Neapolitan heritage is made by a mix of Middle Eastern, North African, Mediterranean cultures I can say that as a Neapolitan I feel I am deeply rich. Therefore Playing Persian and Latin music comes very easy to me. I feel very comfortable in each of these contexts.

In the meantime, Daniele De Cario became DeCa. He made himself known as a producer also overseas by founding Low Pulse Project and starting to produce all music genres for films, commercials, TV shows, bands and solo artists.

Daniele De Cario Photo©Low Pulse Project
Daniele De Cario Photo©Low Pulse Project

D.D.C.: “Low Pulse Project is an indie label born in Los Angeles in 2010. At Low Pulse Project we make different kind of productions from music for solo artists and bands to jingles, soundtracks and voice over. We also do music for children. “

Alongside his career as a bass player and producer, he is also very busy as a pianist and singer. In fact, he is appreciated in Gospel music, Italian and Neapolitan classical music. He is one of the few musicians abroad who lives only on music, unlike many who need a parallel work, especially in a city as expensive as Los Angeles.

The harmony of the most beautiful musical arias prevails in the disorder of his papers and music sheets. Daniele lives only on music and he lives for music only. He doesn’t need many words. He only needs those words that can support the notes that he finds the time to put together for his own project. He writes in Neapolitan, in Italian, in English and Spanish. Under Low Pulse Project he released Reverse, in 2010 and A Uosemo, last April. Both songs have been spinning on many radio stations in Europe and the United States.

D.D.C.: “Reverse is one of the first electronic dance music that I composed when Low Pulse Project was born. The meaning of the song is an invitation to look at the things, that happen in life, from different points of view, before judging and giving a final sentence. Sometimes we approve what the media say without any doubts, without questioning it.

About A Uosemo, it is an HipHop/Dubstep track. Althoug the title is Neapolitan, meaning “going by instinct”, the song has a first release in Spanish. It talks about the today human involution inside and outside. It blames the pitiful state of the human mind that rely on Artificial Intelligence, on software, on automatons. People don’t think anymore, they like to be passive by following the instructions that machines suggest. The human being instead of improving is getting worse.”

That of Daniele in Los Angeles was supposed to be a 3-year experience, just to look around and to have a different confront but the countless job offers have made sure that it remains until today. He has been living in the Los Angelino “desert” for 14 years, craving a vacation time in the Mediterranean sea where he can indulge in a long and meditative swim. But this frantic and constantly moving land leaves no room for time and, as we say, “Everything you left is lost“. Therefore, at least for now, he stays in the Far West but remaining a non- Immigrant!

A Uosemo official cd cover art

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