I’m George Sand. Three women, one soul, one love: Chopin. On Saturday December 10th.

Sono io George Sand. Tre donne, una sola anima, un solo amore: Chopin. (I’m George Sand. Three women, one soul, one love: Chopin).


Mariella Pandolfi
classical piano and arr. jazz

Maria Grazia Ritrovato
classical piano

Anita Pavone
reciting voice and new dramaturgy

Saturday December 10th , 2022 6.30PM
Sala Armonia Cordium,

Piazza Museo Nazionale, 9 – Napoli.

George Sand Trio

After the success achieved in Aversa, a refined music and prose show returns to the Sala Armonia Cordium, with contents of great depth, food for thought, contexts and references that are purely classic and overbearingly modern, contemporary.
Come and discover the George Sand in each of us!

Between music and theatre, three voices, three faces, three women, three friends merge and converge into a single mysterious character: Amantine Aurore Lucile Dupin, or rather the unscrupulous and nonconformist French writer who hid her female identity with the male pseudonym of George Sand.
The show “Sono io George Sand” will focus on this interesting, combative character with a strong personality, a feminist playwright who had an intense relationship with Fryderyk Franciszek Chopin.

It is a love story from the early 1800s. Therefore a passionate and complex love story.
And yet, it can be said, similar to a possible contemporary love story between two very different individuals, but both ineffable and fascinating.
Two well-structured personalities who meet and collide on the levels of passion, between symbiosis and detachments, love and intolerance, protection, abandonment, escape and regrets.

george sand piano


The words are not only those of George Sand’s letters, (mostly lost because destroyed by the writer herself) but are part of a descriptive canvas featuring a new dramaturgy which aims to lay bare the writer’s complex psychology; therefore, the modernity of a female psychology emerges which finds itself going through the most current of conflicts in choosing between being a partner and mother (because Chopin will make herself loved like a son) and an autonomous woman, feminist, rebel, writer of “break,” which anticipates the themes of modern feminism fighting, on the front line, for its own social and political ideas, beyond the pre-established collective schemes.
The music performed by the two pianists is that of Chopin: waltzes, preludes, nocturnes, sometimes returned to the public in an authentic way, sometimes reinterpreted by Pandolfi in a jazz key, opening up to a series of virtuoso stylistic oxymorons in a relay of pleasant passages of genres such as classical, jazz, blues up to the tango, to demonstrate the actuality that makes the composer’s talent immortal and his modern conception of virtuoso. So the arrangements blend the classical music of the first half of the nineteenth century with the harmonic dynamics of the contemporary era.

A great work of research, synthesis and discovery of elements of modernity in the life, psyche and works of the two great characters.

Songs performed, some in an original key, others arranged in a jazz, blues and tango key:
Waltz op.69 n.1 Waltz op.64.n.1, Tarantella, Nocturne in F minor, Nocturne op 9 n2 ,Prelude n.20 ,Mazurka op 33 n.1, Prelude n.15, Fantasia-improvviso op.66, Mazurka op.33 n.3, Prelude n.4, Study op.10 n.3, Waltz op 34 n.2, Mazurka, The fall of Warsaw.

In view of the upcoming Christmas holidays, at the end of the show. the performers will toast with the audience. There will be an exchange of greetings, a moment of sharing, which is auspicious and hopeful for everyone.

Sono io George Sand locandina

Event organized by the cultural association ‘A Luna & ‘O Sole

Bruno De Luca: staging
Paolo Catino: laboratori Da Vinci Scenotecnica

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Pandolfi Pavone Ritrovato Trio

Info and reservations:
Liliana Mastropaolo
+39 340 378 2113

Contribution for the concert € 12