How to spell Neapolitan words. Neapolitan spelling.

In Italian it is “LEVEL B2” for English speakers “INTERMEDIATE” …
In Naples we say ‘A VIA’ AND MIEZO.
Tuesday May 10 2022, 6PM (Italian Time) for the first time we start with a higher level of Neapolitan: spelling, writing autonomously and freely.
The course is intended for all those who have already followed and completed the basic A1 and A2 course, ‘O NNAPULITANO, or for those who are already familiar with phonetic and grammar and want to improve their spelling.
Curated by Davide Brandi and with the moral patronage of the Alliance Europèenne des Langues Régionales (with occasional interventions by Prof. Veronique Autheman Kleio Eutychia Lamuse), and by the Neo-Borbonico Movement (with occasional interventions by Prof. Gennaro De Crescenzo).
We are waiting for you, JAMMO BBELLO !!!

Davide Brandi
I Lazzari Association
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