Home Restaurant Hotel: the fight against illegality begins in Reggio Calabria

Rome, January 10th, 2024 – The Reggio Calabria Police Headquarters, after much waiting, has published the protocols for Home Restaurant Hotel affiliates operating in the sector. This is an important step for the legality of the Home Restaurant sector, which underlines the importance of communicating with the competent authorities, for those who operate in a sector that does not yet have specific legislation. A step that also highlights the need to act in a transparent manner, to avoid illegal and hidden activities.

The importance of legality for the sector

The HomeRestaurantHotel.com platform has always been convinced that, to operate ethically in the absence of specific laws, regular communication with the authorities is essential.

A transparency that not only promotes legality but also helps to combat illegal phenomena and unfair competition, as in the recent case of an illegal Home Restaurant in Portomaggiore, province of Ferrara, which passed itself off as a traditional restaurant without respecting the rules.

Home Restaurant Hotel therefore took the opportunity to request information from the Reggio Calabria Police Headquarters regarding complaints relating to a Home Restaurant operating illegally via the cesarine.com website. The platform reported this illicit activity almost a year ago, demonstrating its commitment to fighting fraud and tax evasion in the sector.

The absence of adequate legislation facilitates illegality

For the Home Restaurant Hotel sector, there is today the problem of some regional decrees in some regions such as Friuli Venezia Giulia, Puglia, Campania, Liguria and Emilia Romagna, which are considered unconstitutional and limit the Home Restaurant sector, hindering free economic initiative.

Gaetano Campolo, CEO of Home Restaurant Hotel, has always supported collaboration with the judicial authorities and has instructed his lawyer, Antonino Parisi Junior, to speed up complaints against illegal activities, including the case reported in Reggio Calabria and others improvised activities in the city.

I invite all operators in the sector to register on the www.homerestauranthotel.com platform, the only one fighting in Italy to regularize Home Restaurants. Registration not only promotes legality but also provides concrete support to combat illegal phenomena and competition unfair.” Gaetano Campolo

A commitment to legality, which reflects the ethical approach of the Home Restaurant Hotel, which will fight on every front against illicit behavior that damages the community, both of Home Restaurants and traditional restaurants.

Campolo also encourages signing the petition on Change.org with which “we also ask for a specific law for home restaurants, which clarifies and definitively regulates the sector“.

A crucial appeal, to raise awareness among public opinion and institutions of the need for clear regulation to guarantee the ethical growth of the Home Restaurant sector.

In a period in which transparency and commitment to legality are fundamental, the Home Restaurant Hotel (homerestauranthotel.com) remains the only point of reference for all those who intend to embrace innovation and legality in the world of Home Restaurants .