Goodbye Liliana!

Napoli mourns the loss of Antonio de Curtis’ daughter. 

Liliana de Curtis left her earthly life.
She was a little girl when in 1940 she starred in the film: San Giovanni Decollato, next to her father, directed by Amleto Palermi. A few years later, in 1954, she took part in Carlo Ludovico Bragaglia’s film: Orient Express. She also performed in the theater participating in the shows: Pardon Monsieur Totò and Totò behind the scenes, directed by Di Gilio. However she did not continue her acting career but devoted herself to writing by publishing many books about her father.
She dedicated helself in spreading the art and the thought of Antonio de Curtis, aka Totò. The poet prince and also philosopher, who has always been in the heart of Neapolitans for having given them laughter in the most difficult moments to go through, such as the postwar period. That prince who made her a princess and who always loved and protected her.
Although not living in Napoli, Liliana preserved both the Neapolitan and Sicilian tradition. Her grandmother, Anna Clemente, mother of Totò, was Sicilian. When Liliana was born she moved to Rome to be next to her son, and she took care of her granddaughter passing on her the Sicilian and the Neapolitan culture and their culinary art. Liliana herself did it with her youngest daughter, Elena, who never met her grandfather but got to know him and the Neapolitan culture through the memories and stories of the family and thanks to the perseverance and love of her mother.
The house of Liliana de Curtis, both in Johannesburg and in Rome, has always been rich in objects belonging to the Neapolitan tradition. From cooking to music, to beliefs and small daily rituals, Napoli and the Southern culture have never been lacking.
When she had the restaurant in South Africa she taught her customers how to eat Neapolitan. She explained to non-Italian customers that pasta is not a side dish and that, above all, it is eaten “al dente”.
She was a strong and determined woman with a brilliant spirit, just like her father.
Lately her age did not allow her to be as busy and active as she had been for many years and around 2015 she passed the baton to Elena who today directs the association Antonio de Curtis in arte Totò, by recalling the figure of her grandfather and by keeping his memory alive through his art and thinking.
Yesterday Liliana flew to heaven and now she is next to the prince of Napoli to watch with him over the city.

Elena Anticoli de Curtis
Totò The Poet Prince – interview with Elena anticoli de Curtis.

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