Factory Game a project by Sara Picardi.

In Napoli there is a particular way of reacting to events. Neapolitans always react to events with creativity and art. In times of social distancing a Neapolitan artist has created a game. It is not an online game. It is played with individuals, with real persons. It is funny, and, even better, it is very useful for Italian students. Factory Game is an Italian board game that allows players to step into the shoes of Andy Warhol and his collaborators. It is an idea of Neapolitan artist Sara Picardi illustrated by Sara friend and collaborator Flavio Berti. Factory Game features colorful pop art playing cards, pop dollars, clock-shaped scoreboards, colored pins and a pocket version of the serigraphs dedicated to Marilyn Monroe.ย 

  • "Factory Game" is a board game created by Sara Picardi and Flavio Berti.
  • Factory Game is a tribute to Andy Warhol and pop art.The intent of Sara and Fabio is to honor his genius, as well as the little known collaborators of the Factory, through the playful fun that a board game offers. The design of the game package recalls one of the most known and significant works of Pop Art: the jar of Campbell's Soup.
  • Check out Factory Game https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/sarapicardi/factory-game?lang=it
  • The intent of the artists is to spread a board game that, through irony, makes known an artistic current that has opened the doors to our times, recalling the brilliant insights of Warhol who prophesied the era of social networks in which everyone can be famous throughout the world for 15 minutes.
  • Check out Factory Game https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/sarapicardi/factory-game?lang=it
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  • "Factory Game" the game that allows you to step into the shoes of Andy Warhol and his collaborators in the frame of the fabulous 60s.
  • According to Pop art artists, art can come from any source. Andy Warhol conceived the well-known work Campbell Soup
  • Watch the video and learn how to play
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  • Italian board game
    Sara Picardi is a Neapolitan artist born in the 80s. Sara grew up surrounded by rock'n roll, licterature and comics. She studied art and music as a self-taught and she works as graphic designer and web content writer for an Italian company that focuses on women's communication and entrepreneurship.

Watch the video and learn how to play.

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