Ernesto Vitolo new release: Organismi.

Ernesto Vitolo is one of the pillars of the Neapolitan musical phenomenon that developed in the seventies and that the journalist Renato Marengo called Neapolitan Power. Neapolitan Power is actually the magical result of cultural contaminations that began after the Second World War especially in Southern Italy where U.S. Army left later than in the rest of Italy. The contaminations, with the Afro world, with funk, with Jazz brought new sounds and a new identity to Young Neapolitan musicians. This something that can only happen through a real sharing of thoughts, ideas and experiences.

Ernesto Vitolo Organismi new release

Ernesto Vitolo at 16 years old was already on tour with the international singer Rocky Roberts. Since then he has played in more than 150 records and has played and toured with nationally and internationally renowned artists such as Mike Stern, Tooth Thielemans, to Lucio Dalla, Vasco Rossi, Teresa De Sio, Pino Daniele, James Senese e Napoli Centrale, Tony Esposito. and many others that I am not mentioning. In an old interview to Ernesto Vitolo I asked him how heavy were 40 years of music, as an artist as well as a person. HIs answer was :

“I guess the weight is subjective. I have a rich experience in pop music, as a job, and I think I would be an alien, musically, today, if I did my own projects only. When a musician creates new things to propose, he already looks ahead, more than the audience does. Actually, in 40 years of my career, I released 3 solo albums only, it seems it’s a very little thing, 3 only in 40 years, but, but I did more than 150 for other artists. That’s about the weight as an artist; physically, 40 years of music can weight a lot… I drank many jin tonic!”

At almost fifty years of career now, Ernesto is like boy full of ideas and always updated on technology. In his career

Being so busy as a session player Ernesto has found time to release his own musical works and after “ Piano & Bit” , “Vintage Hands” and Vitologic, he has just released his fourth album entitled Organismi. In this record, where he participated a huge number of famous musicians, he enjoys ranging between African sounds, electronic and orchestral sounds, funk jazz. It is a record full of truly precious organisms that you can listen to here: