‘Enzo Apicella’. The upcoming cd.

It all started almost for fun. He later realized that it was enough material to make a record. An album in which to say what he has to say. Since he lived in Napoli he has always been launched towards more exotic sounds than those preferred by musicians of his same age. He played with the Tawa, an old established band of the 90s, founded by the Argentine guitarist Diego Moreno together with Roberto Lagoa, and he was one of the most appreciated bass players in Napoli for his talent and for his taste. When Enzo Apicella, originally from Piazza Carlo III, left Napoli to move to Spain, his curriculum as a bass player showed collaborations with artists such as Antonio Sorrentino, Audio 2, Gigi D’Alessio, Umberto Napolitano, Patty Pravo, Tullio de Piscopo, Fred Bongusto, Gigi Finizio, Sal da Vinci, Ivan Cattaneo, Blue Stuff. Once he moved to Madrid he soon got into the Spanish music scene where he is todayhighly esteemed. He began playing with internationally renowned artists and, since then, he has performed in live concerts, recordings, musicals and he has also produced moviesoundtracks. In Spain he has collaborated with Nena Daconte, Franco de Vita, Luis Tosar, Manolo Tena, Amistades Peligrosas, Gisela, Inma Serrano, Raúl, Patricia Kraus, Cristina Ramos y Aaron Abernathy. He is the bass player for famous Spanish singer Camilo Sesto, who he has accompanied in his last four tours in America. Beside his profession as a performer and session player, Enzo Apicella has also dedicated himself to teaching and he has shared his music knowledge as a teacher at Brains College in Madrid. Today he is Music Director for Happy Music School of Madrid and he continues to give, with enthusiasm, his contribution as member of the band Ogun Afrobeat and as a bassist for Spanish pop singer David De Maria. Moments of inspiration, moments of music chilling and moments of introspective jam session are all necessary elements for the game ofrhythms and colors that unfold in the creation of a “something” that comes,like in the case of this cd, as a project that has not been planned but that was born almost spontaneously.

He likes music, and he likes good music. This record is a fusion of jazz, rock, afro beats and a bit of Neapolitan vibrations that Enzo Apicella always carries with him but that he finds as well in the cultural contaminations with the rest of the Mediterranean area. His reference to this concept is clear in the song ‘A Rabbia – (Rage/Arabia) where, beyond the word pun : A rabbia/Arabia, an “arabispanapolitan” license, that playfully describes himself, it is clear the similarity of the Neapolitan musical scale with the Arabian music scale and the Hispanic one. Beyond sharing his musical vision, in this work, he especially pays a tribute to the intense moments of his career and to the moments that are part of human experience. The album’s opening song is Corallo – (Coral), a song in which homesickness mingles with the sounds of the world, and you can feel that you are part of it too. Enzo Apicella is a “Napoletano doc” and he paints a cozy picture of Napoli of the late eighties. Given the strong link with his origins, it couldn’t be otherwise. The contamination with the sound of the multiethnic octet Ogun Afrobeat is a winning combination. The title of the song refer to Piazza Gianbattista Vico, a square in Napoli, better known as’ O Curallo. The name comes from an old cinema that once was nearby. The square was a meeting place. It was a point of reference for youth of the neighborhood who met, played soccer, listened to music, perhaps from the car radio of an older friend who already had one. Like many of our generation Enzo also listened to rock music and he was a fan of Led Zeppelin and Deep Purple. In the song entitled Purple Led once again he has played with words as to pay homage to both old rock myths. The funny game he plays with words is even more effective in the music of this track. When you finish a project you need a name to save your work. The titles of the songs on the album had originally different titles, often meaningless titles. This one is one of the few whose the title has not been changed. At the end of the session the clock that read 2:22 A.M. suggested him the title and for its lounge vibe, the title is just appropriate. An excellent soundtrack for mysterious and tense shots, is Suspence, a song born playing with suspended chords and that manages to keep you ” on your toes” by putting you “cordially” in a state of agitation. If it does this to you too, I can recommend the experience of a feeling that is anything but anxious. Mar en Calma (Calm Sea) is the feeling of the water that caresses the earth. It is a contemplation of the relief of the hot sand to the lifting caress of the cool sea. The very sensitive bass is almost a meow and sometimes it seems a ship entering the port, that port that is so well known also abroad: the port of Santa Lucia in Napoli. Even though the nights with friends drinking GinTonic have passed, he has kept a place in his memories for the cocktail that remains his favourite. Century Jumpers is probably the most suitable song for this moment, dedicated to those who lived through time between two centuries. Senza Sape’ Chi Si’ – (Without Knowing You) is the only song sung. It is a beautiful poem interpreted by the singer Mario Castiglia, known abroad as author for the song “Ammore annascunnuto” sung by Céline Dion. Margherita (il fiore di Gennaro) – Margherita (Gennaro’s flower) The romantic word pun immortalizes both Enzo ‘s parents Gennaro and his “flower” Margherita, Enzo’s mother, in a musical memory. It is a song dedicated to them just like the entire musical work is.

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