Diego Sanchez on Permette Signorina at Teatro dei Lazzari Felici

Diego Sanchez on Permette Signorina (Do you allow miss?)
Saturday September 16th, 2023, 9PM.
After the summer break, the activities of the Teatro Lazzari Felici resume with a special event in a location that is no different. In fact, on Saturday, September 16th, Diego Sanchez with his orchestra and corps de ballet will perform in the show Permette Signorina outside the auditorium of Porta del Parco (ex ILVA).
The show is inspired by the famous song by Nicola Arigliano, where, however, it will not be a “pretty little girl” that arouses emotions and heartbeats, but the love for art and music. An imaginary journey of the Neapolitan show-man singer Diego Sanchez will accompany the viewer in various theatrical eras. With him on stage four dancers (Carlotta Russo, Giorgia Costantino, Giusy Autieri and Nunzia Cannavale). The sets are by Demis Autellitano; musical arrangements by Tony Aprile; audio technician Emanuele Ferrigno; Pina Bonfantini’s costumes for Ani.Ser. Directed by Diego Sanchez.

To take part in the limited-number event, reservation is requested.

Call/Whatsapp +39 350 012 1224, Or visit the website www.lazzarifelici.it to purchase tickets online.

Teatro dei Lazzari Felici
Vico Santa Maria dell’Aiuto 17
80134 Napoli
Tel 350 012 12 24